Harnett County,
North Carolina

GIS/E-911 Addressing 

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E-911 Address Posting

If you Dial 911, can we find you?

If your E-911 address is properly displayed on your house or
business, we can. To verify your address, just call us at
(910) 893-7523 or email

Address Numbers MUST be:

Mounted on the house 3 inches high (5 for commercial)
A contrasting color from house
Clearly visible night and day

If home is 100 ft or more from road, the address number must
be at entrance of driveway, visible from both sides. The address
number should not be facing the road. The sign should be placed
perpendicular to the road, so the number can be seen when
traveling from either direction.

Click here to view pictures of properly displayed addresses.

If you are a Harnett County resident and would like to order a reflective address sign with your house number on it, please download and print the order form located in our downloads section. We are unable to accept credit/debit card payment at this time.

Failure to comply with Harnett County E-911 regulations may result in a fine.

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