Harnett County, North Carolina
E-911 Addressing 
E911 Road and Subdivision Names
  • Harnett County adopted a Road Naming Ordinance on February 19, 1990. This policy was last amended on February 5, 1996. A copy of this may be found in our Downloads section.
  • Harnett County adopted an Addressing Ordinance on April 21, 1997. A copy of this may also be found in our Downloads section.

Applications for naming roads and subdivisions may be faxed to (910) 814-8251 or mailed to Harnett County E911 Addressing, 305 W Cornelius Harnett Blvd Suite 100, Lillington, NC 27546. You may get a copy of the Street Name/Subdivision Approval form in our Downloads section.

CLICK HERE to view Harnett County Street and Subdivision Names already in use.

CLICK HERE to view the Criteria for Street Name Selection.

DISCLAIMER: New subdivision and road names are approved daily. This list shall be updated weekly, but there is a possibility that a name may have already been approved but has not been updated on the list. If this occurs, we aplogize for this inconvenience in advance.