TYPE OF FEE 2006-2007
Miscellaneous Fees  
Camp/sport/college physicals  $                             30.00
Flu shot                                 30.00
Hepatitis A Vaccine                                 25.00
Hepatitis B Vaccine (Hi-Risk)                                 30.00
MMR - Adult                                 45.00
Pneumonia shot                                 42.00
PPD/TB Skin Test                                 15.00
Adult Health Physicals Sliding Fee, Ins. Medicaid
Blood sugars Sliding Fee, Ins. Medicaid
Breast & Cervical Cancer Sliding Fee
  Sliding Fee, Ins. Medicaid
Child Service Coordination Medicaid
Cholesterol Test Sliding Fee, Ins. Medicaid
Chronic Disease/Diabetes Sliding Fee, Ins. Medicaid
Family Planning Sliding Fee, Ins. Medicaid
Maternal Care Coordination Medicaid
Pregnancy Test Sliding Fee, Ins. Medicaid
Prenatal Program Services Sliding Fee, Ins. Medicaid
STD Control/Treatment Insurance, Medicaid
TB Control Treatment Medicaid
Home Health Charges  
Skilled nursing, per visit                               100.00
Home health aide, per visit                                 47.00
Physical therapy, per visit                               110.00
Speech therapy, per visit                               110.00
Occupational therapy, per visit                               110.00
Environmental Health Fees  
Water samples                                 30.00
Improvement / Septic Tank Permit                               250.00
Return Trip Fee ( if not properly marked)                                 25.00
Existing tanks                               100.00
Swimming pool permits                               100.00
Tattoo Artist Permits                               500.00
Plan Review for Food & Lodging                               200.00
Pool Plan Review                               300.00
NC Division of Public Health - Women & Children's Health Section (based on Federal Poverty level)  Sliding Fee Scale 
Medicaid Reimbursement Schedule  Based on Current Medicaid Rates