Harnett County,
North Carolina

Public Buildings 

FAQ's from employees for Public Buildings and the County Garage

QWho do I contact about a work order?

Certain employees in each department can enter work orders into the Facility Dude work order system. Please check with your supervisor, department head or the department administrative assistant to see who enters work orders for your department.

QHow do I become a user in the Facility Dude work order system?

Have your supervisor send an email, requesting you as a user to the work order system, with your name, email address, and phone extension to Chris Johnson or Debra Weis at Public Buildings.

QHow do I book the Commons Area meeting space?

Please contact Beth Blinson 910-814-6469 or Debra Weis 910-893-7538 for Commons Area booking assistance.

QWhen are vehicle inspections due for county vehicles?

Vehicle inspections should be completed on all county vehicles during the last three months of each year (October, November, and December). There is an inspection sticker on the top left corner of the vehicle windshield.

QWhen are oil changes due on county vehicles?

Oil changes are due every 5,000 miles. There is an oil change sticker on the door jam of each county vehicle.

QWhat do I do if my county vehicle needs some type of maintenance or service?

Please park county vehicles on the left side of the parking lot for service; leave a note inside the car with service / maintenance needs. The vehicle will be parked on the right side of the garage parking lot when service / maintenance is completed.

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