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2008 Ask The Hort Agent Columns

2008 Ask the Hort Agent Columns

January 2008 - Ask The Hort Agent Columns

January 3, 2008 - Is the Master Gardener training different from county to county?

January 11, 2008 - How can a new parent garden with a young child?

January 17, 2008 - Can fruits and/or vegetables have adverse interactions with medications?

January 25, 2008 - What is black gum?

February 2008 - Ask The Hort Agent Columns

February 1 - Why are roses given on Valentines Day?

February 8 - What service does the serviceberry provide?

February 14 - Why are moles tearing up my yard?

February 22 - Do I need to fertilize my grass now?

February 29 - How did Arbor Day become a US holiday?

March 2008 - Ask The Hort Agent Columns

March 7 - What is causing my beautiful Bradford pear trees to smell so bad?

March 14 - What are these trees which have pinkish blooms around Easter?

March 20 - When should I plant vegetable seeds to grow transplants for the garden?

March 28 - Are mulches really a fire hazard?

April 2008 - Ask The Hort Agent Columns

April 5 - If I can't get rid of annual bluegrass, can I cultivate it like they do in Kentucky?

April 14 - Why are holly leaves turning yellow and dropping off?

April 18 - Can I add Epsom salt to my flowering plants?

May 2008 - Ask The Hort Agent Columns

May 2 - Why does my RoundUp work sometimes, but not all the time?

May 9 - Where did fire ants come from?

May 23 - What is causing my tomatoes to flop, drop and die?

May 29 - What are my okra and beans doing so poorly?

June 2008 - Ask The Hort Agent Columns

June 4 - Which type of grass is best for a sunbather to plant?

June 12 - How can I fix my "gardening" hands?

June 20 - How can I fight this black spot on my roses?

June 25 - What is causing sap to ooze from my plums?

July 2008 - Ask The Hort Agent Columns

July 1 thru 4 - Reenacting 145th Anniversay of the Battle of Gettysburg

July 10 - How can I keep snakes off my property?

July 18 - Can landscape plants affect my energy bill?

July 25 - When should we keep an eye out for pecan weevils?

August 2008 - Ask The Hort Agent Columns

August 1 - Do plants respond to music?

August 8 - Which pepper tops the hottie list?

August 14 - Why aren't the Chinese crowning Olympic champions with olive wreathes?

August 21 - Which turf grass is best from today's environmental perspective?

August 28 - Will hops be a new cash crop for North Carolina?

September 2008 - Ask The Hort Agent Columns

September 5 - How can I make my landscape look good?

September 11 - What is causing pecan limbs to fall all over my yard?

September 18 - Where should a person seek answers to timber questions?

September 25 - What is the safest pesticide I can use to kill fire ants?

October 2008 - Ask The Hort Agent Columns

October 1 - When is the best time to transplant trees and/or shrubs?

October 10 - Do mice actually move indoors during the Fall?

October 16 - Do hummingbirds migrate on the backs of geese?

October 24 - What is the connection between collards and frost?

October 30 - Which tree provides good fall color?

November 2008 - Ask the Hort Agent Columns

November 7 - Should I use wound paint after pruning trees and shrubs?

November 13 - What is the flower that smells so sweet outside during the winter?

November 20 - What native shrub looks like it is covered with snow or cotton in the fall and grows along roadsides?

November 24 - What have you learned about horticulture and how has this knowledge changed your life?

December 2008 - Ask the Hort Agent Columns

December 5 - Is Amaranth more nutritious than traditional grains and can it be grown around here?

December 11 - Are poinsettia flowers poisonous?

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