Harnett County,
North Carolina

Cooperative Extension 

Transforming Board Practice

Having Problems Forming a Board of Directors

or Just Looking to Improve?

Cooperative Extension is offering training for Nonprofit and Faith-based organizations that are looking to improve the operation of their Board of Directors. Training includes:

Module 1: Foundations for Transforming Board Practice

Module 2: Legal and Recruitment issues for Nonprofit Boards

Module 3: Governance and Board Structure

Module 4: Enhancing Board Engagement

Module 5: Constructive Conflict

Module 6: Thinking Strategically

Module 7: Asking the Right Questions

Module 8: Board Meeting Communication

If interested, please contact Kittrane Sanders, Community Rural Development Agent,Harnett County Cooperative Extension at 910-814-6028 or ksanders@harnett.org.

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