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Frequently Asked Questions

QHow can I find statistics involving voters and elections?

The State Board of Elections and Ethics maintains databases of statewide elections as well as voter statistics for all counties. Those interested can find the statistics and data at

Please use the Contact Us page for specific requests involving Harnett County voters and elections managed by the Harnett County Board of Elections.

QWhere are the Early Voting hours listed for the upcoming election?

Once the current Early Voting hours are approved by the Board of Elections, they will be in the 'Announcements' section on our Welcome page: 

QWhere can I find results for previous elections?

Our office updates the election results on our website. Please visit for direct links. 

Results for previous elections can also be found on online at


QDo you have sample ballots available? Where can I get more information on the candidates?

Sample Ballots:

Once sample ballots are available, they will be listed under your profile on Once you search and select your name, you can find your assigned ballot style under the "Sample Ballots" section. 

They will also be available under the 'Election Information' section of our website. Please contact our office with questions regarding ballot styles. 


Candidate Information:

Once you have a sample ballot, you may research the candidates as needed. We have supplied several links for your convenience on our page here: Links to these web sites are provided as a convenience. Harnett County Board of Elections does not endorse any content, viewpoint, product or service available or advertised by any link from this site.

QHow do I find my precinct, district and/or jurisdictions?

To locate the current jurisdictions for your address on file, please refer to your Voter Registration Card that was mailed to you.

If you can not locate your Voter Registration Card, you can search for your voter record at Once you locate and select your name, you can review your current information, jurisdictions, and sample ballots for upcoming elections.

You can also determine jurisdictions by researching your address using the Harnett County Maps located at

Please contact our office if you need any further assistance or have any questions regarding your jurisdictions.

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