Harnett County,
North Carolina

Finance Office 

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Harnett County Finance Department Staff

Finance Employees

Kimberly Honeycutt, CLGFO, Finance Officer – (910) 814-6093

Allen Coats, CLGFO, Deputy Finance Officer - (910) 814-6090

Tina Strickland, CLGFO – (910) 814-6091 for questions regarding Accounting Services not covered elsewhere, travel, central depository and debt.

Deanna Barefoot, Accounting Specialist – (910) 814-6095 for questions regarding fixed assets, landfill billing, surplus property, GovDeals, tax and debt setoff.

Patti Dowdy, EMS Billing & Insurance Specialist – (910) 814-6102 for questions regarding EMS billing.

Teresa Gill, EMS Billing & Insurance Specialist – (910) 814-6103 for questions regarding EMS billing.

Letitia Maynor, Accounting Specialist – (910) 814-6097 for questions regarding Social Services accounting.

Sandy Wade, Payroll Specialist – (910) 814-6098 for questions regarding payroll related issues.

Cathy Ryals, Projects/Grants Finance & Accounting Specialist – (910) 814-6094 for questions regarding Capital and Enterprise Projects and grants.

Kelly J. Smith, Accounts Payable Technician – (910) 814-6092 for questions regarding accounts payable, vendor payments and interdepartmental checks.

Jamie Strickland, Accounting Technician IV – (910) 814-6099.

Shelia Sudia, Accounting Specialist – (910) 814-6096 for questions regarding Public Utilities’ accounting, balancing of the Planning Department’s daily cash receipts, daily cash report forms and returned checks.

Denise Vogt, EMS Billing & Insurance Specialist – (910) 814-6106 for questions regarding EMS billing.

Renea Warren-Ford, Purchasing Specialist – (910) 814-6101 for questions regarding purchasing, contracts and bids.

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