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Fire Marshal/Emergency Management 

Duties Performed

The Harnett County Fire Marshals Office appreciates your taking the time to learn more about the services provided by our office and the excellent staff that comprise one of the most prestigious Fire Marshal's Offices in the State! This page is designed to provide Harnett County businesses and the public with information about our office and what we do to help make Harnett County a safer place to work and live.

About The Harnett County Fire Marshals Office

The Harnett County Fire Marshals Office provides the following services to the people of Harnett County

  1. Fire Investigation.
  2. County Fire Department Technical assistance.
  3. Fire Prevention Education.
  4. Fire Prevention Code Enforcement.
  5. Assistance with Emergency Management Activities

The Fire Marshal’s Office staffing is designed to effectively and efficiently provide value-added services to the citizens of Harnett County to improve the quality of living. Under the direction of the Fire Marshal and Chief Deputy Fire Marshal, Harnett County has three (3) Deputy Fire Marshals who work a rotating 24-hour shift schedule that provides the above services on a 7-day a week/365 day a year basis. A Deputy Fire Marshal is on-shift and is available 24-hours a day to respond to emergent needs within the county. The Fire Marshal and Chief Deputy Fire Marshal also provide after-hours assistance in instances where the Deputy Fire Marshals are in need of additional resources.

In addition to providing overall leadership for the Fire Marshal’s Office, the Fire Marshal also serves as the direct liaison to the county’s contracted fire departments. The Fire Marshal assists the county fire departments to maintain and continuously improve the excellent service provided to our citizens through improved insurance ratings and identifying county fire service needs. The Fire Marshal assists the county in preparing fire department contracts, fire department budgets, and serves as the authority having jurisdiction within the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code and the Harnett County Fire Prevention Ordinance.

The Chief Deputy Fire Marshal, under the direction of the Fire Marshal, provides guidance to the Deputy Fire Marshals and part time fire inspectors that serve the county. The Chief Deputy Fire Marshal supervises the fire prevention inspections and fire investigation activities in the county as well as directs plan review activities for new construction and required permits. The Chief Deputy Fire Marshal is also involved with the county’s Planning Department, Inspections Department, and Public Utilities Department to assist with the review of commercial and residential development. The Chief Deputy Fire Marshal also supervises the part-time Fire Inspectors which supplement our staff to provide thorough and effective fire inspections for the businesses in our county.

We are currently providing Fire Prevention code enforcement in:

  1. All rural areas of Harnett County.
  2. All municipal limits and extraterritorial jurisdictions of Lillington, Angier, Coats, and Erwin.
  3. We are not providing Fire Prevention Code enforcement within the municipal limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction of Dunn.

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