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Karen Moore, GIS Manager


The first mapping project for Harnett County began in 1983 with the purchase of orthophoto base maps covering the rural areas of the County. In 1987, the County purchased orthophoto base maps for the incorporated areas. This project consisted of:

208 - 400 scale, 58 - 200 scale and 82 -100 scale mapping covering the entire county. A cadastral mapping project utilizing the orthophoto base maps was completed in 1995. This was the first time in the County's history the citizen had access to any countywide mapping. Completed areas of the County were made available to the public as received from the mapping contractor. Information was now available that had never been before such as location of property, deed information, aerial pictures to overlay with the cadastral maps providing information as to location of house in reference to property boundaries, etc. In 1994, the rural areas of the County were re-flown and in 1995 the incorporated areas of the County were re-flown, The new photography was used to produce the County's second set of orthophotos to overlay with the cadastral maps, and to produce a basis for the upcoming E911 project. Due to substantial growth, another 123 maps were added to the County base maps, as follows: 175 - 400 scale, 209 - 200 scale, 87 - 100 scale.

Today, the Land Records/GIS Department is staffed with six employees to assist the public and maintain the cadastral mapping database, and the County's growing GIS database. The staff is required to have a paralegal degree, maintain state certifications, and keep current with ever changing computer technology.

The County's GIS database utilizes Arc/Info software provided by Environmental Systems Research Institute, Redlands, California, to perform daily maintenance routines.

Geographic Information System (GIS) - An organized collection of computer hardware and software used to manipulate, analyze, and display all forms of geographically referenced information.


This division of the Management Information Systems Department processes all real property listings per recorded instruments for taxation by the County. All deeds conveying real estate recorded prior to January 1 are transferred for the upcoming year's ad valorem taxes.

All real estate properties are mapped into the GIS (Geographic Information System) database. Additionally, updates to city limits, fire district boundaries, rescue district boundaries, etc. are incorporated into the GIS. Information may be obtained from our division regarding ownership, deed book/page reference and real property description and location on the cadastral maps of current owners.

Pursuant to local ordinance, this office stamps deed before recording to identify property as listed on tax records and to obtain owners address information. This permanent listing system was implemented in May, 1989.

Pursuant to GS-47-30, personnel in this office are appointed as Review Officers for plat review before recording.


Orthophotography 1983 & 1987 (viewing only)
Orthophotography 1994 & 1995
Cadastral Maps, 400, 200 & 100 scale (updated routinely)
Census Maps (1990)
USGS 7.5' Quad Sheets
County Road Maps (1" = 1 mile, 1" = 2 mile)
Railroad maps for each railroad in Harnett County
Soil Maps (based on 7.5' Quad Sheets)
Harnett County Water Supply Watershed
NC Geodetic Monuments Harnett County
Precinct Maps
Commissioners District Maps
Cadastral Map Index (Tax Maps)
Fire Insurance District Maps
ESN Maps
NOTE: The above listed maps are sold per individual sheets and cost is usually determined by square feet.

Some maps are available in PDF format for printing. You can access these at:


Stamp deeds before recording in the Register of Deeds Office FREE
Stamp plats before recording in the Register of Deeds Office FREE
Deed plots of metes and bounds descriptions $ .50/pg
Conversion from State plane coordinates to Latitude/Longitude FREE
Copies of Cadastral or Orthophoto $ 5.00
Copies of Overlay (Cadastral and Orthophoto) $ 8.00
Xerox copies (2510 Engineering Copier) $.50/sq.ft

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