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Employee Benefits Fair 2004
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Employee Benefits Fair 2004

Door Prize Winners
MIS/GIS Trivia Questions/Answers
Hula Hoop Contest Pictures


"I'm gonna win." "No, I'm gonna win." "No, I'm gonna win!"
"Hello Jimmy! Can you bring me my coconut shell top? I forgot to bring it."
"Look at all the cool stuff I got today."
The Castaways!
"No, I will not hula hoop!"
"Nah..ahh...Can you believe that?"
Benefit's Fair 2004
Benefit's Fair 2004
"I think those Bojangle biscuits are affecting your blood pressure. "
"Man, I really want to win that hand held mixer!"
"Go ahead Mary...you know you want to hula hoop!"
"Okay, this is the 15th time I've written my name, department, and phone number. I have to win at least one time."
"What does a guy have to do to get a little attention around here?"
"Ewww....this is a hard one!"
"No Charlie, I do not need your advice...I think I can do this longer than your 2 seconds."
"What sort of free stuff are you giving away?"
"You HAVE to wear this sticker."
"I'm only here for the free stuff."
Guess Who? It's WRS! (Willie Ralph)
Ahh...to take a nap at work.
"I will remember this.... I know where you work."
"Did that candy turn my tongue blue?"
Dressed and ready for deer season!
"That was the funniest thing I've ever seen."
"Oh my...that can't be correct."
"If you win, can we split the prize?"
Someone for William to FINALLY play with!
"Are you sure this is only Hawaiian Punch?"
"Hurry up and take my picture...my cheeks are starting to hurt."
"Hmmm....now this looks interesting."
"Shhh....I'm hiding from Rodney!"
"This is NOT appropriate behavior for county employees."
Hottest Men on Gilligan's Island
The Girls of ROD
The Girls of MIS and GIS
"Do you have any free pens?"
"I'm getting bored!"
"I'll have one of these, and one of these, and one of these, and one......."
Lana, you were only supposed to take one lei...NOT 3!!!!
Free nail files, chocolate, ink pens.... what more could a group of women ask for?
Best seats to watch the hula hoopers!
"I want free checking, free on-line banking, no ATM fees, or monthly fees!!!"
"So, you wanna meet me for lunch at Front Street?"
Kiss Me! Kiss Me!
"Don't you just hate cute and perky people?"
This is the look of deep concentration!
"I promise I'm qualified to do this."
"Ronnie, the MIS/GIS booth was just fabulous!"
Sign here, and here, and here.
Just taking it easy underneath the Personnel Tent.