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MIS/GIS Trivia
Questions and Answers

1. What does MIS stand for? Management Information System
2. What does GIS stand for? Geographic Information System
3. How many County Commissioners are on the Board? Five
4. Which County Commissioner recently returned from active duty in Iraq? Teddy Byrd
5. Which commissioners' are running for re-election this year? Teddy Byrd Dan Andrews Tim McNeill
6. Name the County Manager & Assistant. Neil Emory Manager & Tony Wilder Assistant
7. What is the County's website? www.harnett.org
8. How many towns are located in Harnett County? Five: Lillington, Dunn, Angier, Coats, and Erwin
9. Name the County Seat for Harnett County. Lillington
10. Who was Harnett County named for? Cornelius Harnett
11. What famous Civil War Battlefield is located in Harnett County? Averasboro Battlefield
12. How many townships are in Harnett County? 13
13. Which township shares its name with a favorite Southern entree? Barbecue
14. What year was Harnett County established? 1855
15. What County did Harnett split from? Cumberland County
16. Who is the current Register of Deeds? Kim Hargrove
17. Who is the current Clerk of Court? Diane Hatley
18. Who is the Sheriff of Harnett County? Larry Rollins
19. Which seven Counties border Harnett? Wake, Johnston, Moore, Cumberland, Chatham, Lee, Sampson
20. What State Park is located in Harnett County? Raven Rock
21. How many colleges are located in Harnett County? Four: Campbell University, Central Carolina Community College, Heritage Bible College, and Foundations Bible College
22. Name the four High Schools in Harnett County. Harnett Central, Triton, Western Harnett, Overhills
23. How many Highways cross the Cape Fear River in Harnett County? 5, NC 210, NC27, US 401, US 421, NC 217
24. Which is the largest town in Harnett County? Dunn
25. Name the District Court Judge from Harnett County who is retiring this year. Ed McCormick
26. Who is the largest land owner in Harnett County? United States of America
27. How many miles of coastline does North Carolina have? 301 miles
28. What is our State seashell? Scotch Bonnet
29. What lighthouse on the NC coast had to be moved due to beach erosion? Cape Hatteras
30. Name at least three of the NC lighthouses. Hatteras , Currituck, Ocracoke, Cape Lookout, Bodie Island, Old Baldy
31. Which NC lighthouse is the tallest in the United States? Cape Hatteras
32. North Carolina is home to the tallest natural sand dune on the east coast; can you name it? Jockey's Ridge
33. What is the name of the real life outdoor drama that tells the story of America's first brave settlers? (Hint: they were a 'lost' group also) The Lost Colony
34. Name the castaways of "Gilligan's Island". Gilligan, Skipper, Thurston and Lovey Howell, Professor, Ginger Mary Ann
35. What was the name of the ship that the castaways of "Gilligan's Island" were sailing on? SS Minnow
36. How long was the scheduled tour of the SS Minnow? Three hour tour
37. How many people were shipwrecked on "Gilligan's Island"? Seven
38. Name the previous occupations of the castaways of "Gilligan's Island". Ship Captain Shipmate Millionaire and wife Movie Star Professor Farm girl
39. What caused the SS Minnow to shipwreck? Stormy Weather
40. The Skipper often referred to Gilligan as Little Buddy..
41. Sing the theme song from "Gilligan's Island".
42. What does SOS stand for? (keep it clean)
43. What was the Skipper's name on Gilligan's Island? Jonas Grumby
44. How many passengers were on the SS Minnow ? Five
45. In the original theme song for Gilligan's Island, what two castaways were referred to as "all the rest"? The Professor and Mary Ann