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Important Announcements
Board of Health Meeting: Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Harnett County Board of Health will meet Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 7:00pm in room 220 of the Harnett County Health Department located at 307 W. Cornelius Harnett Blvd in Lillington. To view a copy of the agenda click on the title. For more information please call 910-893-7550.

Make a Healthy Splash:

May 18–24, 2015, the week before Memorial Day, marks the eleventh annual Healthy and Safe Swimming Week. Pools, waterparks, hot tubs/spas, splash pads, and water playgrounds are great places to have fun, be active, or just relax. Having fun while you swim this summer means knowing how to stay healthy and safe while enjoying the water! For more information click on the title to view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) web site.

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month

May is High Blood Pressure Education Month—a perfect time to have your blood pressure checked. Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. If this pressure rises and stays high over time, it can damage the body in many ways. High blood pressure is a serious condition that can lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, and other health problems. The condition usually has no signs or symptoms. You can have it for years without knowing it. During this time, high blood pressure can damage your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and other parts of your body. The only way to know if you have high blood pressure is to have it checked. For more information, click on the title.

May is National Osteoporosis Month

Did you know that two million broken bones occur every year in the U.S. due to osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. It happens when you lose too much bone, make too little bone or both. The month of May is recognized as National Osteoporosis Month. For more information click on the title to view “Break Free from Osteoporosis” National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF).

Stop Ticks

Gardening, camping, hiking, and playing outdoors – when enjoying these activities, don't forget to take steps to prevent bites from ticks that share the outdoors. Ticks can infect humans with bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause serious illness. Reduce your chances of getting a tick-borne disease by using repellents, checking for ticks, and showering after being outdoors. If you have a tick bite followed by a fever or rash, seek medical attention. For more information click on the title to view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

Tick-Transmitted Disease in North Carolina

Besides being a nuisance, ticks can transmit several diseases. In North Carolina, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis and Lyme disease are the three most common diseases carried by ticks. All three are caused by bacteria and are treatable with antibiotics. Avoiding tick bites and proper removal of ticks are the keys to preventing tick-transmitted diseases. For more informaiton click on the title to view Tick-Transmitted Disease in North Carolina.

Get your Well Women’s Visit –Every Year!

The Well-Woman visit is an important way to help you stay healthy. Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start. The Harnett County Health Department’s Well Women’s clinic provides a low-cost physical exam and screenings services for women. The Well-woman visits include a full checkup, which visits, which includes: Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index/BMI calculating your body mass index (BMI) to see if you are at a healthy weight, Cholesterol, Physical exam including, Pap Smear, Clinical Breast Exam & Urine check. The fee is $60.00. For more information or to make an appointment please call 910-893-7550.

Home Canning and Botulism

It's almost summer, and home gardeners will soon start to harvest the delicious produce they've been growing this year. Home canning is a popular tradition among many Harnett County families. Canning is an excellent method of preserving garden produce, if it is done correctly and safely. Improper canning methods can cause serious illness according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Click on the title to view the CDC web site, to learn tips to keep your canned vegetables safe to protect yourself, your family, and others when you share your home-canned goodies.

Rex Mobile Mammography:

Mammography screening remains the best available method to detect breast cancer early. The Health Department provides mobile mammography screenings in partnership with Rex Mobile Mammography screenings will be held on June 17, and June 26, 2015. Pre-registration is required. See the Downloads Box below for an application or call 910-814-6197 for more information.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Please consider completing our patient satisfaction survey. This feedback helps us continually monitor or change our services to serve you better. Click on the title to access the survey in English. Click here for the Spanish survey.

ECU School of Dental Medicine Community Service Learning Center in Lillington

The ECU clinic is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Services: Comprehensive General Dentistry, Children’s Dentistry, Oral Surgery – Extractions, Root Canals, Sealants and Tooth Colored Fillings, Crowns and Bridges, Dentures and Partial Dentures, Implant Services, Periodontal Services and Cleanings, Cosmetic Tooth Whitening. Digital Radiography, and 3-D/Cone Beam Imaging. For more information click on the title to view the web site or call 910-814-4191, the facility is located at 80 Autumn Fern Trail in Lillington.

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