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Dr. Kim is an entomologist, environmental senior specialist, and a medical entomologist. He worked in Public Health Pest Management (PHPM-DEH) as a bed bug specialist with three medical entomologists in the section. He is curretnly working with bedding inspectors in Sleep Products, NCDACS. Dr. Kim is involved in bed bug training and education of county environmental health specialists. He also helps North Carolina citizens. When requested, he also educates pest management professionals (pest control operators), housing authorities and city inspectors, and apartment associations. He works with tenants, landlords, apartment managers, and property managers for preventing and controlling bed bugs. His presentation includes history, biology, morphology, chemical or non-chemical controls, and prevention of bed bugs. His bed bug presentations also have pictures and examples of bed bug bite marks, infestation, and possible hiding places. He handles bed bug complaint calls of North Carolina, and provides advice on how to prevent, treat or control, and eradicate bed bugs. He promotes an integrated pest management (IPM) of bed bugs.

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