Harnett County,
North Carolina

Health Department 

Healthy Harnett has sponsored a series of programs throughout Harnett County communities including Medicine Safety sessions at senior centers, Promoting healthy snack choices for children at ballparks, and the SISTA Project which provides educational sessions to reduce the risk behaviors related to HIV/AIDS.

Healthy Harnett has identified focus areas, established objectives and developed action plans and interventions that will improve the health of people in Harnett County. Community Action plans have been created to address each of the identified health priorities.

The community health priorities identified include the following health concerns to be addressed over the next four years which align with county residents input and using the Healthy North Carolina 2020 priority focus areas and objectives.

When residents were asked: “In your opinion, how large a problem do you think each unhealthy behavior listed below is in Harnett County?

1. Overweight/obesity with (43.9%)

2. Use of illegal drugs/ substance abuse (42.7%)

The 2013 community survey sample size included 874 residents. For more information contact Belinda Rayner, Public Health Educator 910-814-6196 or the Harnett County Health Department at 910-893-7550.

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