Hurricane Florence Announcements for Harnett County

Harnett County,
North Carolina

Health Department 


( Stop HIV/AIDS in Our community Program)

S.H.O.P. is an outreach program of the Health Education Division. The goal of S.H.O.P. is to reduce the number of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Harnett County through prevention, education, and outreach.

Free condoms and educational materials are provided to local barber and beauty shops participating in this program. They are placed in the shops visible to customers so that these materials may be more easily accessed by the public. When used correctly each time a person has sex, condoms can be very effective in reducing a person’s risk of HIV/STD infection.

Local barber and beauty shop managers volunteer to participate in this program.

S.H.O.P. participants:

· Another Barbershop, Dunn

· City Barbershop, Dunn

· J.R.’s Hair Quarterz, Dunn

· Monds Elite Styles, Lillington

· Royal Cuts, Angier

· Hair Forté, Dunn

For more information about S.H.O.P. or how to participate, please contact the Health Education Division at (910) 814-6195.

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