Hurricane Florence Announcements for Harnett County

Harnett County,
North Carolina

Health Department 

What you need to bring with you to the first visit:

  • Identification: Valid drivers license/DMV ID, Social Security card, current work/school ID, current Medicaid card, current military ID, birth certificate, hospital crib card (for newborn babies), passport, immunization record, health record, insurance card/policy, bill or paycheck in your name (less than 60 days old), voter registration card.
  • Residence: Current Medicaid card, valid drivers license/DMV ID, utility bill (less than 60 days old), bank statement, rental agreement, third party confirmation letter
  • Income: Recent paycheck stub (within the last month), letter from employer, stating gross income and frequency of pay, copy of child support check, W-2 forms or recent tax return for the self-employed, current Medicaid card, Food Stamps certification letter.

For an appointment please call the WIC office at 910-893-7570.

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