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Harnett County,
North Carolina

JobLink Career Center 

Employer Listing Service

Welcome to Harnett County JobLink Listing Service for Employers. There are no fees for our services.

The JobLink Career Center of Harnett County is pleased to assist your company with its employment needs. We have a professional staff to screen and refer qualified individuals ready to meet your job listing needs.

To place a job order:

Download the job listing form and complete as requested. Use a separate form for each unique position.

When job order is completed

You may FAX your order to 910-814-4046, send by mail, or bring in to office.

How the candidates are selected?

You make the final selection. Candidates referred to your company are prescreened by JobLink staff. Our staff will match the information the individual provides with the job classifications specified in the JobLink listing before referring a candidate.

Candidates are given referral slips to take with them when applying. Please complete and return to us after you complete the selection process (mail, fax or call).

Closing the job listing

Once you close the job listing call us to end a job’s referral period (no new referrals will be made). We are able to verify each candidates status. We need to know the following:

  • Was candidate qualified
  • Was candidate hired
  • If hired, Start Date
  • Did not report for interview
  • Was not hired
  • Refused the job
  • Did not report for work after hiring

Please call the Harnett County JobLink Center at 910-814-4043 for job listing changes or questions.

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