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Harnett County,
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JobLink Career Center 

Opportunities For Youth

Comprehensive Year-Round Youth Program

To be eligible for the Youth Program, youth must be aged (14-21), low income and meet other program requirements.

The following Program Elements are available to assist youth in obtaining their education and career goals.

  • Educational Achievement- Tutoring, study skills training and instruction leading to secondary school component including dropout prevention strategies.
  • Employment Services- Paid and unpaid work experience;
  • Internships and Job Shadowing
  • Occupational Skills Training
  • Summer Employment Opportunities
  • Linked with academic and occupational counseling
  • Additional Support
  • Adult Mentoring
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling
  • Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Supportive Services
  • Follow-up Services

Out-of-School Youth

Youth who are out-of-school (dropouts or graduates) between the ages of (14-21), and low income are encouraged to contact the JobLink. Youth can work up to 40 hours a week or up to 500 hours work experience. After the 500 hours, the employer is encouraged to hire youth. Youth are also provided occupational skills training, tutoring and adult mentoring.

In-School Youth

In-school youth can work at least 18 hours per week and 3 hours a day during school week. May work up to 40 hours a week during non-school week.

Youth who do not meet the program enrollment requirements will be referred to other programs or service providers.

Summer Youth Employment Opportunities

Provides employment to Harnett County youth ages 14-21 who are low income. This program is designed to enhance the employability skill of youth through the completion of educational goals and participation in meaningful work experience. Every effort will be made to place youth in a job that is closely related to his/her career interest. Youth will work in the public sector and may work a maximum of 40 hours a week. The program starts immediately after the public school system closes for summer break. Youth who do not qualify for the program will be referred to other agencies or businesses. All youth will receive orientation to the JobLink Center and the many services that are offered.

Youth Internship Enrichment Opportunities (YIEO)

Youth Internship Enrichment Opportunities (YIEO), provides work and academic enrichment experience to youth (14-21) enrolled in secondary education or out-of-school youth. In-school youth can work 18 hours a week, while out of school youth can work 35-40 hours a week for a maximum of 500 hours. Activities and services include; job placement, counseling, tutoring, adult mentoring, referrals, leadership opportunities, work experience, transportation assistance. Youth who are (17-21) will be provided occupational skills training, internships, job shadowing, supportive services and follow-up.

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