In the person of John P. Bradley Harnett County possesses an official of. energy and excellent executive capacity, who not only has brought to his work as county auditor the ability to handle the affairs of the office smoothly, but also enthusiasm and high ideals of public service. Still a young man, his career has been one of marked advancement and of successful achievement in several lines, and the voters of the county have had no reason to regret the confidence which they placed in him.

Mr. Bradley was born at Kipling, Harnett County, North Carolina, July 2, 1897, and is a son of O. and Ada (Smith) Bradley, natives of Harnett County. His father, a well-known business man, operated a sawmill and planing mill in Harnett county for a number of years, and was also prominent in public affairs, being for eleven years a member of the county board of education.  His death occurred April 19, 1920, while Mrs. Bradley survives her husband as a -resident of Kipling.

John P. Bradley was reared at Kipling, where he attended the graded and high schools, and then spent one year at the State Agricultural College at Raleigh, during which time he was a member of the Students Army Training Corps. He endeavored to enlist in the regular army for service in the World war, but because of a slight impediment caused by a former dislocation of the knee was rejected. For a year following his father's death Mr. Bradley continued the operation of the planing mill, but in January, 1922, disposed of his interests therein and took a position with the Lillington Oil Mill, with which he was associated for a year. He then joined the Bank of Lillington, and remained with that institution until January, 1925, when he was elected auditor of Harnett County for a two- years' term. He has discharged the duties of this position very commendably and is accounted one of the county's capable and energetic officials. Mr. Bradley has always been a stanch democrat in politics, and his religious faith is that of the Baptist Church. He belongs to the Junior Order United American Mechanics.

On February 26, 1920, Mr. Bradley was united in marriage with Miss Myrtle Senter, a daughter of W. L, and Melissa (Mathews) Senter, natives of Harnett County.  Mr. Senter is one of the able business men and agriculturists of Harnett County, and operates a cotton gin, sawmill and planing mill near, Kipling, where he also follows farming as the owner and operator of a well- cultivated farm consisting of 260 acres, on which there are modern improvements of every kind.  Mr. and Mrs. Bradley have one child, Doris Elizabeth, who was born January 31, 1924.