Good birth, good breeding, fine mental endowment and a capacity for infinite painstaking contribute to the present large usefulness and future bright prospects of Leonidas M. Chaffin, clerk of the Superior Court of Harnett County. In his career have been included experiences as teacher, lawyer and soldier, and in each capacity he has evidenced the pos- session of sterling qualities, while in his official position he is establishing a splendid record for fidelity and commendable discharge of duty.

Mr. Chaffin was born at Jonesboro, North Carolina, January 3, 1892, and is a son of Rev. Leonidas M. and Nora (Campbell) Chaffin.  Mr. Chaffin is about fifth in the line of descent from Gen. Israel Putnam, the Revolutionary hero, who showed himself one of the bravest and most devoted of the patriot leaders, and whose character is well depicted by the inscription on his tomb:  "He dared to lead where any dared to follow."  Through General Putnam he is descended from ancestors who came to this country on the "Mayflower" Mr. Chaffin's grandmother Smith came South during the period of the War Between the States and became a well-known educator at Kinston.  Rev. Leonidas M. Chaffin was born in Chatham County, North Carolina, and throughout his life has been a minister of the Methodist Church, now, at ,the age of sixty-three years, having a pastorate at Mamers, Harnett County. Mrs. Nora (Campbell) Chaffin, who was born in Moore County, this state, died March 16, 1915.

Leonidas M. Chaffin attended high school at South Mills, and was graduated from Central Academy, Littleton, North Carolina, with the class of 1910.  For a time he attended Trinity College (now Duke University), and in 1917 enlisted in the army for service during the World war. He rose to the rank of sergeant, and for the greater part of his service was stationed with the Eighty-first Division at Camp Jackson, whence he received his honorable discharge in the spring of 1919.  Prior to his military service he had taught school, and on resuming the duties of the civilian resumed his work as an educator, teaching in all for about ten years.  In 1919 he became deputy clerk of the Superior Court of Harnett County, and continued to act in that capacity until 1922, when he was elected clerk of the Superior Court, an office to which he was re-elected in 1925 and which he still retains.  His official record has been an excellent one.  In the meantime Mr. Chaffin had studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1920.  He likewise has farming interests in Harnett County, where he now has eighty-three acres under operation by tenants.  He is a Scottish Rite Mason of Wilmington Consistory and belongs also to the Junior Order United American Mechanics, the Lions Club and the American Legion. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Lillington and belongs to the Board of Stewards.

On December 26, 1916, Mr. Chaffin married Miss Alda Johnson, a daughter of Robert and Cornelia Johnson, natives of Harnett County, where Mr. Johnson farmed during the greater part of his life.  He died in December, 1905, while Mrs. Johnson survives and is a resident of Lillington. Mr. and Mrs. Chaffin are the parents of two children: Helen Elizabeth, born January 12, 1919; and Leonidas M. III., born August 16, 1920.