Ollen Lee Denning, M.D.

            During a period of thirty-seven years Dr. Ollen Lee Denning has been engaged continuously in practice at Dunn, where he occupies a prominent position in medical and surgical circles and has a large and prominent practice.  A man of highly specialized training, broad experience and splendid native talents, he has kept fully abreast of the constant advancements being made in his calling, with the natural result that he has won and held public confidence in his ability. 

            Doctor Denning was born April 15, 1861, on a farm in Sampson County, North Carolina, and is a son of James and Kitsey (Lee) Denning, natives of the same county.  James Denning was rejected as a soldier at the outbreak of the War Between the States because of physical unfitness for the rigors of active service in the field, but later was drafted into the service as a carpenter, and assisted in the building of the salt works at Wilmington, North Carolina.  At the close of the struggle he took up his trade again in civil life, and continued to be engaged thereat and in farming until his death in 1875, when he was seventy-five years of age.  Mrs. Denning survived him until January, 1918, when she had reached the advanced age of ninety-four years.

            Ollen Lee Denning attended the country schools of Sampson County, Fork Church Academy and the Bingham School at Mebane, at which latter he spent two years.  On the completion of the junior course he started teaching school in Sampson County, and was thus engaged in the rural districts for two years, and then entered Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia, where he took a three-years’ course and graduated March 29, 1889, with the degree of Doctor of Medicine.  At that time Doctor Denning commenced the practice of his profession at Dunn, where he has since been located, and where he has built up a large and important practice in medicine and surgery.  Doctor Denning is equally at home in all branches of his calling, to the study of which he devotes much of his time and attention.  Doctor Denning belongs to the various organizations of his profession, but is not identified with any fraternal orders or secret societies.  Politically he is a democrat, and his religious faith is that of the Baptist Church.  At various times he has occupied public positions and for ten years was superintendent of the board of health of Harnett County.  He is the owner of a home of twenty-two rooms, which he formerly operated as a hotel for then years, and in which he now has his office at 200 West Broad Street. 

            Not long after his arrival at Dunn, October 16, 1889 , Doctor Denning was united in marriage with Miss Meta Lida McDaniels, a daughter of Randall and Elizabeth (Hodges) McDaniels, natives respectively of Fayetteville , North Carolina , and the State of South Carolina .  The father, who spent his entire life as a minister of the Baptist Church and filled various pulpits in North and South Carolina , is deceased, as is the mother, who passed away in 1902.  To Doctor and Mrs. Denning there have been born the following children:  Robert Lide, born August 5, 1891 , who is now assistant postmaster at Dunn; Elizabeth Hodges, the wife of Nathan M. Johnson  (PAGE 70)