Notable Harnett County Residents

biographical sketches

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Some of the following sketches are from Volume III of the set of books North Carolina:  Rebuilding an Ancient Commonwealth, published in 1928 by the American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York.  There will be an asterisk after the name (*). 

Some of them have been taken from History of North Carolina: North Carolina Biography, vols. 5 & 6, Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1919. There will be 2 ** (asterisks) after the name. 

Other sketches have been written by individuals about family members.  If you would like to include a biographical sketch, please submit it to the library’s reference department.  There are also biographical sketches found within the Harnett County Historical Quilt page  with links below as well. 

  1. Adams, John C.**

    Ammons, Clifton Roosevelt (quilt)

    Andrews, Annie Wells (quilt)

    Angier, Jonathan Cicero*

    Atkins, Betty (quilt)

    Atkins, Henry Turner *

    Baggett, Hiram *

    Baggett John Robert *

    Baggett John Robert **

    Baggett, J .R. (quilt)

    Bailey, Anderson (quilt)

    Baldwin, Edward S. Jr. (quilt)

    Barefoot, A.C. Sr. (quilt)

    Bradley, John P. *

    Bradley, O.J. (quilt)

    Brock, Jack (quilt)

    Brown, Bertha (Bessie) Johnson (quilt)

    Bruce, William Bryan

    Buchanan, James Ambrose (quilt)

    Burkot, Alexander Roman (quilt)

    Burwell, Louis D. (quilt)

    Byrd, Charles Wesley **

    Byrd, J.C. (quilt)

    Byrd, Oscar Lemai (quilt)

    Byrd, Sam (quilt)

    Byrd, John McKay **

    Byrd, Walter Pierce *

    Byrd Walter Pierce **

    Byrd, Zula Tomlinson (quilt)

    Cameron, Angus A. (quilt)

    Cameron, Hugh A. *

    Campbell, Rev. James (quilt)

    Campbell, James Archibald *

    Campbell, James Archibald **

    Campbell, Dr. J.A. (quilt)

    Campbell, Dr. Leslie H. (quilt)

    Campbell, William Murchison (quilt)

    Carr, Eugene Black (quilt)

    Chaffin, Leonidas M. *

    Clark, David MacKinzie*

    Clifford, John C.**

    Clifford, J .C. (quilt)

    Coats, James T.**

    Codrington, Dr. C.B. (Conrad Belfield) (quilt)

    Cox, Fannie Bell (quilt)

    Davis, Edward Palmer *

    Denning, Dr. Joel (quilt)

    Denning, Ollen Lee *

    Dockery, Algia E. (quilt)

    Duke, Benjamin Newton (quilt)

    Dupree, Franklin T. Sr. (quilt)

    Eliot, George D. **

    Erwin, William A.  *

    Erwin, William Allen (quilt)

    Evans, Lena (quilt)

    Fleming, Fred Henry (quilt)

    Fowler, Malcolm (quilt)

    Gentry, B.P. (quilt)

    Giles, Betty (quilt)

    Godwin, Hannibal *

    Godwin, Hon. Hannibal L. (quilt)

    Grantham, Hiram *

    Green, Daniel Hugh (quilt)

    Green, Hector McLean**

    Green, Paul (quilt)

    Halford, Joseph W. **

    Halford, Joseph Washington (quilt)

    Hardee, Ida Womble (quilt)

    Harnett, Cornelius

    Harrington, John McLean (quilt)

    Harrington, Thomas W. (quilt)

    Hicks, Isham Faison **

    Hodges, John (quilt)

    Holland, William Dare *

    Holmes, Lotes Lee

    Holmes, Thomas Nickels

    Holt, William Preston **

    Holt, William Preston (quilt)

    Howard, Charles B. (quilt)

    Ingram, Byron Perry (quilt)

    Jackson, Leonidas (quilt)

    Jernigan, Mack M. *

    Johnson, John Lee (quilt)

    Johnson, Mary Green (quilt)

    Lassiter, Irene (quilt)

    Layton, Joel G. (quilt)

    Leach, Carrie M. (quilt)

    Lee, Eugene *

    Lee, Permillas Arten *

    Lillington Family **

    Lillington, John Alexander 

    McArtan, Eva Canady (quilt)

    McKay, Aileen J. (quilt)

    McDonald, Arthur A.

    McGregor, Ned (quilt)

    McKay, Felix **

    McKay, Joseph F.**

    McKay, Neill **

    McKeller, Bella (quilt)

    McKoy, Thurl (quilt)

    McLean, Dan Hugh *

    McLean, Dan Hugh**

    McLean, F. Dayton **

    McLeod, Bernard F. *

    McNeill, Elsie (quilt)

    McNeill, Malcom James (quilt)

    Marshall, Elaine

    Marshbanks, Lottie Link (quilt)

    Matthews, George Talley (quilt)

    Matthews, Janie (quilt)

    Melvin, Dr. W.C. (quilt)

    Mooney, Althea (quilt)

    Moore, Anthony Walter(quilt)

    Moore, Neill Archie (quilt)

    Nichols, Walter Edmond (quilt)

    Olive, William J. **

    O’Quinn, G.W. (quilt)

    Overby, Allison Lois (quilt)

    Parrish, Addie Lee Stancil (quilt)

    Pearce, Winnie Rickett (quilt)

    Peede, Alvin Wortham (quilt)

    Pegram, G.W. (quilt)

    Phillips, John William*

    Pope, L. Busbee *

    Pope, Patrick F. **

    Proffit, G. T. (quilt)

    Redding, Jack (quilt)

    Roberts, Irene McKoy (quilt)

    Rogers, William Henry (quilt)

    Ross, Charles **

    Ross, Charles (quilt)

    Ross, Frances (Fanny) Reid Ross (quilt)

    Ross, Frances Ramsey (quilt)

    Ryals, Vera Chalmers (quilt)

    Salmon, Neill McKay *

    Salmon, Sheriff Bill (quilt)

    Senter, Lynn (Wm. Leonard) (quilt)

    Sexton, Coll H. **

    Sexton, Dr. Coll (quilt)

    Sexton, James Alexander **

    Shaw, Archie A. (quilt)

    Shaw, B.F. (quilt)

    Shaw, James Malachi (quilt)

    Shaw, Robert G.B. (quilt)

    Simmons, Ernest Asbury

    Smith, Annie Bailey (quilt)

    Smith, Edwin Sanders *

    Smith, Edwin Sanders **

    Smith, Eugene **

    Spears, H. T. (quilt)

    Spivey, John Simpson (quilt)

    Steele, Henderson L. *

    Steele, Henderson L. (quilt)

    Stutts, DeWitt Talmage (quilt)

    Taylor, Floyd H. *

    Taylor, Floyd Herbert (quilt)

    Taylor, Herbert B.*

    Thomas, Sidney Gattis (quilt)

    Turlington, Henry Cleveland *

    Turner, Henry Marshall *

    Turner, Dr. Henry Marshall (quilt)

    Turner, James Lawrence *

    Warren, Robert Lee *

    West, Edgar Carlyle *

    West, John Oliver *

    Williams, Isham Rowland *

    Williams, William L. **

    Williford, David Mack *

    Withers, James H. (quilt)

    Wood, Alma Jane Ennis (quilt)

    Young, Carlie Roswell (quilt)

Others to be done: 

Hoover Adams

Benjamin Atkins

Bob Etheridge

John Green

"Ring Ear" Sam Johnson

General William C. Lee

Flora MacDonald

A. S. McNeill

Hector McNeill

Senator Robert Burrin Morgan