A creditable utilization of opportunity is found in the professional and general success of Dr. John William Phillips, who has been engaged in the practice of his calling at Lillington since 1922 and has already made such advancement as to entitle him to the confidence and respect of the people of the community.  The possessor of a large practice of a general character, he also has something of a reputation as a specialist in pediatrics, and at present is serving in the capacity of county physician of Harnett County.

Doctor Phillips was born June 14, 1887, in Lee (then Moore) County, North Carolina, and is a son of William and Letitia (Johnson) Phillips.  William Phillips has spent his entire life on the farm on which he was born in Lee County, and where he is known as a substantial farmer of modern tendencies and a good citizen who commands respect because of his integrity and probity of character.  Mrs. Phillips, who also survives, is a native of Chatham County, this state.

John William Phillips was reared and educated in Lee County, where he worked on the home farm until reaching the age of twenty-two years.  At that time, feeling the urge for further educational training, he entered the high school of his community, from which he was graduated in 1911, and then spent two years at Davidson College.  At the end of this period he found his funds running low, and spent the following year in work.  In the fall of 1915 he became a student at the University of North Carolina, where he took an academic course of one year, followed by a two-years' medical course.  Again forced to seek employment to replenish his funds, Doctor Phillips worked for two years more, and then entered the junior class at George Washington University, Washington, D. C., in 1919, and was graduated with the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1921.  To further his preparation Doctor Phillips spent an internship of one year at Garfield Memorial Hospital, Washington, and in 1922 began the practice of his profession at Lillington, where he has since built up an excellent professional business, maintaining well-appointed offices in the Layton Building.  A close student of his calling, in 1924 Doctor Phillips took a post-graduate course in pediatrics at the State University.  At present he is serving very acceptably in the capacity of county physician of Harnett County, and is a member of the Harnett County Medical Society, the North Carolina Medical Society and the District Medical Society. His fraternal affiliation is with the Junior Order United American Mechanics, and politically he is a democrat, while his religious connection is with the Presbyterian Church. He resides in a pleasant and attractive home on Front Street.

In December 1922, Doctor Phillips married Miss Jessie Groome, a daughter of Z. Lee and Minnie (Armfield) Groome, natives of Guilford County North Carolina, where they operate a farm.  Doctor and Mrs. Phillips are the parents of one child, Jessie Groome, born September 26, 1925.