Ernest Asbury Simmons

Volunteered January 1, 1942.  January 2, 1942 left home for Maxwell Field, Alabama.  Finished training for bombardier on March 15, 1942.  March 17, left for Midland, Texas where he received his commission as a lieutenant on June 11, 1942.  On June 18 he came home (Lillington) on a ten-day furlough.

            On June 28 he left home for Camp Jackson, SC, on June 29 he left Camp Jackson for Estler Field, LA; on July 23 he left Estler Field for McDill Field, Fla.; and on August 4, 1942, he left from Morrison Field, Florida for overseas service, landing on the continent of Africa on August 19, 1942.

            Four 8 months he served with the picked [sp?] flyers of America, England and other allies in North Africa and participated in many of the bombing of Marshal Rommelís Africa Corps.  On the 29th of April, 1943, he was killed in action somewhere in the Middle Eastern Area of North Africa.

            His parents, Mr. And Mrs. W. T. Simmons of Lillington,  [we?] received from President Roosevelt the award of the Purple Heart medal and certificate.

(Submitted by Bertha Simmons Bradley, sister)