Gift Books

from the Harnett County

 Department of Social Services

--Anne Plummer, Harnett County DSS

Every November, Adoption Awareness Month promotes public awareness of foster children who need permanent families and homes.  Anyone who is interested in adoption can call the county Department of Social Services at 910 - 893-7500.  Or you can call 1-877-NCKIDS1 or go to the state's adoption web site:

 Of the 184 children in foster care in Harnett County, 65 of them need to be adopted.  Most of them have had court action to terminate parental rights, which is necessary before they can be available for adoption.  Families have already been identified for many of these children.  Ten children in foster care are currently available for adoption, with no family yet identified.

 The majority of these children have special needs, such as a history of maltreatment or physical, mental or learning disabilities; or, they may be of older age (between 7 and 16) or part of a sibling group.

 Adopting families can be older or younger, wealthy or of modest income, two-parent or single-parent.  The primary requirement for adoption is that you can provide a healthy, loving and safe home for a child.

 The Harnett County Department of Social Services has recently donated more than fifty current titles that deal with the topic of adoption--for children to adults.  Stop by the library and check out the new book display.

Anne Verdin and Wendy Butcher at the new Adoption Book Display at the library


Just a sampling of the new titles on adoption topics donated by the Harnett County Department of Social Services


Just checking out the books!
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