Harnett County Public Library System

Erwin Public Library

Print from your Portable Computer

You can easily connect to our printing system from your portable computer and use any of the payment options normally available when printing from Library computers.   Click on the link below to start the auto-installer.   After the auto-installer completes, a Print Client will open on your machine.  When you are finished and press close or shutdown your computer, the application will disappear.


To run the Print Client for a Windows environment, click the link here.


COMING SOON:To run the Print Client on a Mac environment (Intel-only), click the link here.  Will NOT work with Ipad

Note: To close the Mac Print Client, select "Quit LPT One Mobile Print Client" from the LPT One Mobile Print Client menu.




Follow the on screen directions to install the Print Client. 

This will install two new printers to your computer.

 You will select the wireless black printer.

They will disappear when you shutdown your computer or close the client.




After printing you will be prompted for User ID.  If you have a library card you may use it.  If not type your name to identify your print job.  You will go to the desk to pay and pick up copies.  Below are examples of some prompts you may get during printing.



There will be a pop up box on your computer with a button [stop print client].  Select this when you are finished.

  The printers will disappear.

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