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Friends of the Harnett County Public Library has some nice gift ideas. 
Used books are always for sale in the lobby. 
New books and items below can be purchased the desk during regular operating hours.

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You may purchase new books at Harnett County Public Library.


  Books and merchandise for sale  (email)  

Colorful Heritage Documented : The story of Barbecue, Bluff, and Long Street Presbyterian Churches.
Based upon and containing a copy (with permission of the author) Rev. James Donald Mackenzie’s 1969 book. With the addition of known available documented material pertaining to the early days of Barbecue, Bluff, and Longstreet Presbyterian Churches and up-to-date cemetery records of these three churches. Edited by Lt. Col. Victor E. Clark, Jr. and Mrs. Louise Davis Curry, 1989.


Correspondence and Documents of Scottish Highland Families of North Carolina
Pertaining to the Bethune, Keaey, McLeod, McFarland, Patterson and other related Scottish Highlander families of North Carolina. Organized by Ruby
Campbell, 1987.

Harnett County : A history
by John Hairr. Part of The Making of America Series.
Harnett County
by John Hairr.  Part of the Images of America Series
by Jeffrey D. Irwin and Kaitlin O'Shea.  Part of the Images of America Series
Harnett County Centennial Celebration— October 9-15, 1955.
Official Souvenir Program.
1992 Northeastern Harnett County Historical Quilt Tour.
Sponsored by the Friends of the Harnett County Library, Lillington, NC. Historical sketches of sites visited on this Saturday outing by various members.
Lillington Centennial Souvenir Calendar. Eighteen photographs from the Talbott Stewart Collection. $2


Lillington : A sketchbook
edited by Glenn Hood and Sue Ross.  



They Passed This Way
A personal narrative of Harnett County History, Malcolm Fowler.
Tote Bag, Canvas $10
Tote Bag featuring Barkley the story time dog........... $3
  Historic Church Prints for sale
Pen and Ink prints of Barbecue, Bluff, and Longstreet Presbyterian Churches

$ 2 each
$5 set of 3

 The Friends take donations of materials and money at any time. 

 There is a sale shelf in the lobby with something new every week. 

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