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Antioch Baptist Church History Mamers, North Carolina


            Antioch Baptist Church, organized in 1833, was called New Bethel Bethel until 1847. At that time it had twenty-eight members. The New Bethel Church building was located back of the present cemetery. It was torn down and the present sanctuary was erected in 1908.  In 1941 an educational building was constructed providing eighteen classrooms, four assembly rooms, and a nursery.  In 1944 an eight room parsonage was built.  In 1955 a second educational building was constructed joining the former educational building and church. This new plant provided eight classrooms, one assembly room, and a pastor's study. In 1964 another building was completed ) providing a fellowship hall, a kitchen, a complete nursery for three departments, and a new pastor's study. In 1970 the church sanctuary was completely renovated with central heating, air- conditioning, and new furniture.

            On December 14, 1958 Antioch Baptist Church organized a mission located on Highway #27 with Sunday School and Worship services each Sunday. The Antioch Baptist Mission Church became a self-supporting church on October 6, 1974. The name was changed from Antioch Baptist Mission to Calvary Baptist Church. They have a full-time Pastor of the church. As the church grew, it was soon obvious that the church needed someone to help direct the music program in the church. On May 8, 1957 the church approved of hiring Mrs. Gladys Gregory , Kelly as Music and Education Director.  The Youth and Educational Program was initiated on September 10, 1975.

            Through the years the church has ordained six men into the Gospel miinistry: James A. Davis, Walton Page, Irvin Stephens, Ronald Byrd, Arthur Wall and Charles Blackwell. The church has had four women to graduate from Baptist Seminaries: Foy O'Quinn, Zula Rogers, Phyllis Thomas and Donnie Stewart Winston. Antioch has had one missionary volunteer, Phyllis Thomas, who serves as missionary in Antofagasta, Chile where she is presently serving as youth and education director for several Baptist churches and missions.


The following is a list of the names of our former Pastors and their dates of service.

* H. D. Judd 1876

* J.W. Collins 1884

* O. Churchill 1885

A. N. Campbell 1886-1893

* W. G. King 1893-1894

* A. N. Campbell 1894-1899

* G. A. Bain 1899-1903

* J. A. Clark 1904

* D. P. Rollins 1904-1905

* E. M. Lasiter 1905

* G. T. Mills 1905-1912

* L. L. Hudson 1913-1917

* C. H. Norris 1912-1913

* W. C. Dowd 1917-1920

* S. A. Edgerton 1920-1923

* A. C. McCall 1923-1927 *

* L. L. Johnson 1928-1933

* M. F. Booe 1934-1935

* R. F. Hall 1936-1941

*L. J. Atkinson 1942-1945

* R. E. Moore 1946-1950

L..M. Woolweaver 1950-1952

Lester Marsh 1953-1956

W. F. Gentry 1957-1979

* Donald Myers, (Interim)1979-1980

V. Martin Groover 1980

Mr. Earl Bradley served twice as interim Pastor, from April, 1952 to June, 1953, and from September, 1956 to March, 1957. *Deceased


            In 1869, listed among the church membership there was one black member. In 1874, a group of twenty-four members left Antioch to form a new church, which is presently Holly Springs Baptist Church.

            In 1920, total membership numbered 383 members (165 males, 123 females). Our total membership, as of October, 1984, was approximately 770.  In 1989, the total membership numbered 812 members.


Source: Antioch Church records

Compiled by' Dorothy Morrison, Member

Mamers Extension Homemakers Club

Quilt Square,

Row 1, Number 1

Embroidery and Applique by' Dorothy Morrison, Lettye O'Quinn and Sue Crelia members of Mamers Extension Homemakers Club