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Anderson Creek Bear Pickin'

It happened in Anderson Creek in the middle of May, 1978 for the first time. It began with 9 men and a cookout in the front yard of Kenny Shaw's home. All the men were members of the Anderson Creek Hunting Club.

The first try at cooking a good tasting bear failed and so each year they try again. Now its called the Annual Anderson Creek Bear Pickin'. It seems it becomes a community cookout where 400 to 500 total strangers show up. Invitation travels by word of mouth.

Every year it gets bigger and bigger. Now they have a live band, and sell t-shirts, hats and ceramic bears.

The bear is usually gotten from Maine by the hunting club members but some have been caught in the thickets of Pender and Bladen Counties.

The men usually do the cooking of the bear. Because no one had cooked bear before they just threw it on the grill. After attending someone else's bear pickin', they found out you have to cut the bear fat off because the fat makes the meat taste sour. To get it moist and tender you've got to start early and cook it slowly between 175 and 200 degrees. The bear meat is started about 7:]0 A. ;.1. for the 6: 00 serving time.

Wives of the members of the Hunting Club bring tons of potato salad, baked beans, and any other things they may fix. Brownies, stewed cabbage, pies and an assortment of other foods are brought in large quantities. Even the wives can't keep up with the demand each year because they never know how many will show up.

People start coming with lawn chairs and coolers about noon. The men play in horseshoe contests, drink beer and the kids swing on tire swings. After the food has been eaten, the band starts up and so does the dancing.

The Shaw's small trailer can't accommodate the mass of people that would be going in and out of the trailer for the restrooms, so this year a portable restroom was brought in. The yard is said to look like a landfill the next day and each year they say they'll have it at someone else's house next year but it hasn't happened yet.

It is said that 80% of the people at the Bear Pickin's last name is Shaw. Mrs. Karen :Shaw videotapes the event as well as ) others with their camcorder and cameras.


Submitted by: Linda Adams, Mrs. Larry)

Ass. Sec. Anderson Creek School

Sources: Newspaper Clippings

Personal knowledge from attending

Parts of this article were taken from 'The Fayetteville Times, Tuesday, May 15, 1990, Issue

Quilt Square: Row 5 Number 26

Embroidery and applique by: Lena Stewart, -President

Anderson Creek Extension Homemakers Club