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Johnsonville A. M. E. Zion Church

Desiring a place of worship, this church was organized by area residents. A site was selected. The first edifice was built in the year of our Lord 1869. The location was near the present site of the church cemetery (across the road). The late Bishop J. '#. Hood organized the church and made it part of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. Tom Cameron. N. McGregor. T. Williams. N. Caine. James Smith and Tom Armstrong were among the first members.

In 1880 a new edifice was erected about one fourth mile east of the first church. Another building was completed in 1906 next to the old Johnsonville School. In 1953 ground was sought for the present school (at that time a high school). The school board asked that the members consider moving the church to the present site. It was agreed upon and plans were made to move the entire building. but I the project ended in a failure. Meanwhile, services were held in the school building, until a remodeling could be done on the church built in 1880. Under the pastorate of Rev. T. H. Murphy in 1955 the first services were held in this remodeled building. Historical knowledge was gathered from old records found by the committee. that revealed this was the first A. M. E. Zion Church in this area. The name was chosen from the business center and the post office which was located on the old stage road.

In 1910 Kelly Chapel Church was in the same circuit located in Hoke County. About 1917 Kelly Chapel was discontinued and the District was changed to the Sanford District. At one time Bethel and Oak Ridge were connected with this church. In 1960 Johnsonville became a station church.

In 1971 our present pastor was sent from the Annual Conference held at Rush Metropolitan Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Many accomplishments have been made under her leadership. In a few months after assignment, the indebtedness of the church was cleared, and a new piano was purchased and paid for.

In 1976 the church was bricked in and a new roof was installed. The following year new pews and pulpit furniture were purchased. In 1979 an annex was built, and within the year, the indebtedness for the building was paid.

Our pastor, Rev, M. M. Walden, had worked so diligently toward the building of this Annex until our presiding Elder, Dr. C. V. Flack, felt that it should be named the Mattie Walden Annex. This was ruled so by the 'elder and dedication services were held toward the same. When central heating and air were installed in 1982, within the conference year, this indebtedness was also paid.

In November 198t, during the 108th session of the Central North Carolina Conference field at Rush Metropolitan Church, Raleigh, North Carolina a new district was added, giving the Central North Carolina Conference a sixth district. Johnsonville A. M. E. Zion Church being a part of the Sanford District for 37 years became a part of the new district namely: Dunn-Lillington District with Dr. N. L. Stroud being appointed as Presiding Elder of this district.

During the 1987-88 Conference year our church ground was landscaped and the parking lot paved. With a gift of 2.85 acres land to the Johnsonville A. M. E. Zion Church in 1985, the new Charles McLean Recreational Center became the new vision.

Mr. McLean, a native of Harnett County, now residing in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and former Field Representative of the NAACP gave the land knowing the asset a recreation center would be for the church.

The land was cleared, areas were developed for playgrounds, picnics, and for different types of ball games.

Landscaping for the church grounds and paving were done in the years 1987-88 with all indebtedness paid.

Without a vision the people perish, the Rev. M. M. Walden had the vision, and Johnsonville A. M. E. Zion has grown spiritually alive. There have been increases numerically, financially and in attendance. All of the churches built have served the people of this community, and many others.

Following is a list of officers and members from 1869 through 1974: (The spelling of names are as they appear in church records)


Bishop J. W. Hood                                                                            Bishop E. B. Watson

Bishop W. A. Blackwell                                                                    Bishop R. L. Jones

Bishop L. M. Kyles                                                                            Bishop W. A. Stewart

Bishop W. M. Matthews                                                                   Bishop W. A. Hilliard



Elder Granger                                                                                    Elder Robertson

Elder Simmons                                                                                 Elder T. M. Gale (1923)

Elder Barriet                                                                                      Elder Horton (1921)

Elder G. H. Miles                                                                               Elder A. C. Cook

(1936) Elder A. A. Barber (1919)                                                   Elder Riggs (1936)

Elder M. T. Micheal                                                                           Elder J. W. Marsh (1939-41  1950-55)

Elder W. W. Slade                                                                            Elder Madkins (1958)

Elder Harrison                                                                                   Elder C. V. Black (1958)

Elder N. L. Stroud (1987)                                                                 Elder W. K. Woods (1992)



Rev. Jack Cameron

Rev. Littles

Rev. Tyson

Rev. Simpkins

Rev. Lillie

Rev. Blackmon

Rev. R. C. Moore

Rev. D. F. King

Rev. Morrison

Rev. Gripson

Rev. R. C. Mare

Rev. Mardie Mitchell

Rev. Brigget

Rev. Turner (1886-92)

Rev. J. W. Harris (1893)

Rev. G. W. Richardson (1894-95)

Rev. D. A. Williams (1896-99)

Rev. S. H. McKoy (1899-1901)

Rev. D. W. Smith (1900)

Rev. D. B. Cameron (1900)

Rev. W. B. Gordon (1900-02)

Rev. McNeil (1902)

Rev. W. t1. Burnett (1903-05)

Rev. D. B. Cole (1906-08)

Rev. J. B. Williams 1909

Rev. J. Stitt (1916-17)

Rev. J. J. McNeil (1916-18)

Rev. Gibson (1918)

Rev. C. F. Thronton (1919-20)

Rev. Tharson (1920)

Rev. L. D. Lucas (1920-21)

Rev. C. T. Harrington (1921)

Rev. C. T. Tharrington (1921-22)

Rev. T. E. Hills (1923)

Rev. A. E. Quick (1923)

Rev. N. A. Alston (1923-24)

Rev. E. J. McKaoy (1925)

Rev. McNeil (1925-27)

Rev. L. T. Taylor (1933-35)

Rev. A. T. McNeil (1937)

Rev. A. D. Bland (1938)

Rev. M. D. McLean (1939)

Rev. T. C. Covington (1938, 1940-41, 1941)

Rev. Himds (1941)

Rev. R. H. Stedman (1949)

Rev. Juett (1950)

Rev. David Sawyer (1951-53)

Rev. T. H. Murphy (1954-55)

Rev. P. W. Sykes (1958)

Rev. T. C. Parson (1959)

Rev. H. McLaurin (1960-62)

Rev. D. W. Drake (1927, 1962-64)

Rev. E. A. Person (1969-71)

Rev. Mrs. Mattie M. Walden (1971)



Neal Cameron                                                                                   Abraham Gilchrist

Charles Mallette                                                                                Right Burns

N. Caine                                                                                             Henry Murchinson

Jerry McNeil                                                                                       Isaac Cameron


J. A. Cameron                                                                                   N. Caine

Daniel McNeil                                                                                    A. A. Cameron

Neil Cameron


W. B. Mallette                                                                                    A. A. Cameron

Neil Cameron


Charles Mallett                                                                                  Neil Cameron

Abraham Gilchrist                                                                             D. P. McNeil


D. B. Cameron                                                                                  Charles Mallette

Neil Cameron                                                                                    Archie McGregor

J. A. Cameron


W. D. Mallette                                                                                    Sam Cameron

Alvis Stroud                                                                                       Geroge M. Gilchrist

D. T. Mallette                                                                                     Sam McArthur


J. W. Lofton                                                                                        D. J. Mallette

W. A. McLean                                                                                    C. H. Mallette

Tom Cameron                                                                                   W. P. Mallette


D. J. Mallette                                                                                      Walter Lathen

Tom Cameron                                                                                   Lathe Burns

W. A. McLean                                                                                    Melvin Garrette

J. W. Lofton                                                                                        Leonard Gilchrist

Walter Gilchrist                                                                                  James Wilkerson



Leonard Gilchrist                                                                               Melvin Garrette

George King                                                                                      James Wilkerson

Walter Lathen                                                                                    D. J. Mallette

Albert Stroud                                                                                     Tom Cameron

J. W. Lofton                                                                                        W. A. McLean



Leonard Gilchrist. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chairman

James A. Stroud. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice-Chairman

Walter Lathen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer

George King. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary

Raymond Stroud. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Asst. Secretary

Charlie C. Lofton                                                                               Melvin Garrette

Cecil Woodard                                                                                  Rossie Foreman

Freeman Stroud                                                                                Rev. Mrs. M. Walden



Daniel Cameron                                W. P. Mallette                                    Billie Monroe

Jack Cameron                                   N. D. Mallette                                     Carolina Monroe

Maggie Cameron                              D. J. Mallette                                      William Monroe

Lucy Cameron                                   J. C .Millette                                       Sarah Shaw

Harriet Cameron                               M. D. Mallette                                    Lidy Shaw

Mildred Cameron                              Sophia Mallette                                 John Shaw

Alas Cameron                                   Isabell Mallette                                   Annie L. Hailey

Emma Cameron                               Arlena Mallette                                  William Hailey

Neil Cameron                                    Alice Mallette                                     Nancy Hailey

Dunkin Cameron                               Hariett Mallette                                  Perlie McGregor

L. B. Cameron                                   Sarah Mallette                                   Sinthia McGregor

Nellie Cameron                                 Elly Mallette                                        Gilbert McGregor

Bettie Cameron                                 Willie Cain                                         Susanna McGregor

Alice Cameron                                  Richard Cain                                     Mary Jones

James Stroud                                    Sam Gilchrist                                     Franky Jones

Jossie Stroud                                    Bettie Gilchrist                                   Henrietta Jones

Lizzie Stroud                                      Mazuria Gilchrist                               Mary Murchinson

Annie Stroud                                      Isabell Gilchrist                                  Clara Clark

W. L. Speed                                      Walter Gilchrist                                  Bettie Brinkley

W. S. Speed                                      Abraham Gilchrist                             George Gilchrist

Maggie Gilchrist                                D. P. McNeil                                      John McNeil

Mandour McNeil                                Sally McNeil                                       Jerry McNeil

Laurine McLean                                Charles McLean                                Wiliie McLean

Esther Womack                                Bertha Womack                                Susie Womack

Jerry Womack                                   Katie Womack                                  Morgan McPherson

Flora McPherson                              Alex Murdock                                     Anliza Allen


Source: Johnsonville A. M. E. Zion Church Records

Submitted by: Dr. N. L. Stroud

Presiding Elder of Dunn-Lillington District

Quilt Square: Row 4 Number 20

Embroidery and Applique by: Frances McAuley