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Spout Springs Memorial United Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

1867 -1991

According to old records carefully searched and checked of almost one hundred years behind us, we find that two of our most dedicated and courageous forefathers, Mr. Jack Redding and Mr. Ned McGregor, felt a I great need for a place in which to worship Almighty God. With their deep feelings for others and themselves, they combined their spiritual and physical strength thus laying a foundation for the Spout Springs Memorial United Presbyterian Church in a small community known as McGregor Town, located about three miles north of this, our present site.

Leaving their first structural foundation behind, they decided to move to a more centralized location most suited for their mode of transportation. It was here on this site that the first Spout Springs Presbyterian Church was erected in the year of 1869 on what is now highway #24. This church was used for Sabbath School and prayer services for a period of time. Later they welcomed their minister, the Rev. Rattleford who served with great enthusiasm and pride. With constant repair, the church building stood for 95 years.

In the year of 1962, under the leadership of Rev. Robert E. Stitt, Building Fund Committee Chairman Sippio Barton, we the members of this church felt a need for a better building to worship Almighty God. Determined to make the past our heritage, the present our responsibility, and the future our challenge, we organized and began our task. It was with hope, faith, courage and prayer that we were able to open the doors of this our new sanctuary in May, 1966. We feel that we, as well as our forefathers, have been servants of God with a task well done. We fought the battle of building this church and we through God's help have won this battle. We hope that this battle may not only be a crown for us, but for those who follow. The dedication was June 26, 1966.

In December of 1985, the Pastor, officers and members organized a building committee composed of the following persons: Sallie Graves, president; Bobbie Gilchrist, secretary; *Joseph Washington, treasurer; Jackson Brower; G. Myrtle Smith; Rev. C.O. Williams; Pastor Mary Arnold, Session Clerk.

The committee began making plans for a fellowship hall. The groundbreaking ceremony was held. August 1988. Construction began September 1989 and was completed June 1990. The hall was dedicated August 26, 1990. The fellowship hall matches the cream stucco exterior of the church sanctuary.

Spout Springs Memorial Presbyterian Church is incorporated with Lillington First Presbyterian Church and Williams Chapel Presbyterian Church. There are two pastoral Sundays each month and Church School every Sunday. Working in union with the two churches has been very rewarding for the church and for the community. Spout Springs Memorial Presbyterian Church has three choirs and more than sixty members.

The Quilt Square Row 2, Number 11, depicts the church erected in 1869, which is still standing and located near the present one. Tyrone Street designed the square for the quilt.

The Pastor, C.O. Williams, together with the Presbyterian and youth organizations are dedicated to the mission of reaching out to minister to all persons in need, without regard, race, or circumstance, to bring comfort and the word of God.

Elders: 1867 -1991

*Jack Redding, Ned McGregor, *Willie McRae, Harry Washington, Sr., A. A. Roan, Harry Washington, Jr., Madison Brower, *Paul Washington, *Sippio Burton, *Eugene Brower, *Sherman Stewart, *Naomi Cameron, *Joseph Washington, Alford Fuller, Algia Dockery, G. Myrtle Smith, Luther Smith, Alice Brower, Ethel Lucas, Sallie Graves, Marie Wilderson, James Wilkerson, Alice Hamilton, Bobbie Gilchrist, Rosa Brower, Wilbur Brower, David Brower, Hulan Brower, Mary Arnold, Rubin McCoy, Juliette McCoy, Bertha Taliaferro, Jackson Brower, Mavis Fleming, Gertrude Stitt.

Pastors 1870 -1991

*Rev. Rattleford, Montgomery, *Rev. Johnson, *Rev. Harper, *Rev. Bess, *Rev. Moon , *Rev. Jamerson, *Rev. Peede, *Rev. Lewis, *Rev. Brown, *Rev. Robert E. Stitt, Rev. Clemon O. Williams.

Building Committee 1870-1991:

*Joseph Washington, *Sippio Burton, *Justice McGregor, *Thomas Dockery, *Edward Baldwin, Sallie W. Graves, Bobbie Gilchrist, Odell Cameron, Jackson Brower, G. Myrtle Smith, Rev. C. O. Williams, pastor, Mary Arnold, Session Clerk, and Laura Bell.



Submitted by: G. Myrtle Smith Granddaughter of the late Jack Redding and Rosa Brower

Sallie W. Graves -Great-granddaughter of the late Jack Redding

For: Rainbow Extension Homemakers Club

Quilt Square: Designed by Tyrone Street

Row 2 Number 12

Embroidered by: Harrington, Member

Rainbow Extension Homemakers Club