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The Story of Harnett County's 1989          Historical Quilt

Like many other organizations, the Harnett Council of Extension Homemakers Clubs decided a year ago it could use more money. Yet members seemed a bit bored by some of the usual money-making proposals. Quite unexpectedly, a dramatic new fund raising proposal was made by the Friends of the Harnett County Library.

The Friends invited the Extension Homemakers to join them in creating the first Harnett County Historical Quilt. The project would be a joint fund raiser, and the suggestion was made that the County Cultural Arts Committee of the Extension Homemakers handle the project, along with the executive committee of the Friends. (Please see copy of letter making the original proposal)


What started as a simple fundraiser turned into one of the most extensive historical research projects in Harnett County.

Evelyn Byrd

Lois Byrd

Paul Soublet