Biographies by The Friends of the Library

History of the Quilt


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Biographies by Homemakers Clubs

Biographies by Friends of the Library

Quilt Squares

Andrews, Annie Wells

Baggett, J .R.

Bradley, O.J.

Brock, Jack

Burwell, Louis D.

Byrd, J.C.

Byrd, Sam

Cameron, Angus A.

Campbell, Dr. J.A.

Campbell, Dr. Leslie H.

Campbell, Rev. James

Clifford, J .C.

Codrington, Dr. C.B. (Conrad Belfield)

Denning, Dr. Joel

Fowler, Malcolm

Gentry, B.P.

Giles, Betty

Godwin, Hon. Hannibal L.

Green, Paul

Harrington, Thomas W.

Hodges, John

Lassiter, Irene

Layton, Joel G.

McKay, Aileen J.

Melvin, Dr. W.C.

Pegram, G.W.

Proffit, G. T.

Ross, Charles

Salmon, Sheriff Bill

Senter, Lynn (Wm. Leonard)

Sexton, Dr. Coll

Shaw, B.F.

Spears, H. T.

Turner, Dr. Henry Marshall