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TO: Harnett County Council of the Extension Homemakers Association

As President of the Friends of the Harnett County Library, I would like to relay a fund raising proposal to the Harnett County Council of the Extension Homemakers Association. In brief, the proposal calls for the creation of a historical quilt.

The proposal is two-pronged. First, it is designed to focus attention on the history of Harnett County, and if your council sees fit, be handled by the Cultural Arts Committee of your council and the executive committee of the Friends. Secondly, the idea is to raise some much needed money for both organizations.

The plan envisions a queen-sized quilt that would be made with every one of the 16 extension homemaker clubs being responsible for one or more squares, using whatever stitchery they favor. The center square would be a replica of the banner designed for Harnett County that was carried in a parade at Manteo in 1987 and helped mark the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the first English colony in the New World. Mary Jane Matthews of Mamers, wife of Alvis Matthews, a member of the board of directors of the Friends, has volunteered to embroider a replica of this for the center.

A few experts from the Home Extension Clubs would also have to do the final quilting. The Friends do not have that kind of expertise. The idea is to have every section of the county commemorated with some reference to an historical landmark or event.

Tickets would be sold for $1.00 on the quilt. A drawing would be held, possibly next May, giving time to make the quill one in which to take pride. The Friends, many of whom are also extension club members, would be asked to help with sale of tickets. The Friends Executive Board, if all agree, would pay for quilt materials, for printing the tickets, help with promotion and publicity. Profits would be divided between the Friends and the Council, half and half.

We would like to think that the quilt could be entered in area and state Cultural Arts contests sponsored by the N.C. Extension Homemakers Association. Perhaps, it could be displayed at the State Fair. We would like to have it shown at the three Harnett High Schools next spring, prior to the drawing.

Many details would have to be worked out: color and materials for the background, number of squares, and above all, the historical places and events to be featured and the manner in which they would be depicted.

I hasten to add the money making idea is not mine. It was the suggestion of Colonel Bayred Vermiilion of Lillington, a member of our Friends Executive Board. He and his wife, Vallie, have recently returned from Joplin, Missouri where the Colonel attended the reunion of the first graduating class of Joplin Junior College. The school has grown into the now very large Missouri Southern University. Vermillion, as a member of the first football team, received the VIP treatment, but he was most impressed with the excellent promotion of the anniversary that covered several months. One of the features was an historical quilt made by college secretaries at the lunch hours. The sale of chances on the quilt raised $5,000 for scholarships and was a popular project.

Vermillion suggested that The Friends of the Library, in conjunction with the extension homemakers clubs, try something similar in Harnett. Mrs. Vermillion is a skilled crafts person, and is available for consultation on the quilt.

We appreciate sincerely the support extension club members have given the Friends. We are sure their efforts helped persuade county commissioners to purchase a new bookmobile and to move ahead with the library. Our new long-desired library is now a fact. We expect vastly increased patronage, and with it will continue the need for" extras" the county budget does not cover. The Friends seek to grow and meet those needs, concentrating first on the local meeting room.

Please feel free to discuss this proposal, seek comments of your club officers and report on favorable and unfavorable reactions.

Very Cordially Yours,

Lois Byrd