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The Harnett Extension Homemakers, composed of 16 clubs in many parts of the county, and the Friends of the Harnett County Library co-operating in an unusual joint fund raiser. This project calls for the creation of a County Historical Quilt, due to be completed in Spring, 1989. The Extension Homemakers would make the quilt. The Friends will pay for supplies. Tickets will be sold on the quilt, and the money divided between the two organizations. The drawing for the quilt will be held July 4, 1989.

The County Cultural Arts Committee of the Extension Homemakers--the committee charged with making the quilt--would like for this to be a work of art. It will depict names of people, places and events in county history. A suggestion has been made that the quilt feature for its central square, the Cornelius Harnett Coat of Arms used on the Roanoke Banner, and also utilize on another square the County Seal, both designed by Paul Soublet.

Mr. Soublet has graciously agreed to design every square of the queen size quilt. However, he will follow the specific suggestions for historical topics submitted by club women. He will refine the rough drawings turned in by them. Mr. Soublet tells us no use of the County Coat of Arms, or Seal, can be made without permission of the County Commissioners. We feel that this quilt will be a worthwhile cultural achievement. It will utilize the finest needlework skills and focus attention on many little known aspects of local history. We respectfully ask your permission to use one replica of the Coat of Arms and one replica of the Seal on the quilt.


Evelyn Byrd, Chairman,

Cultural Arts Extension Homemakers


Lois Byrd, President,

Friends of the County Library


*Request for use of County Coat of Arms, and Seal, was rejected by County Commissioners