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In 1978, the Town of Lillington donated a collection of  photographs of  Talbot McNeill Stewart to the Harnett County Library.  This gift of more than 800 photographs has been an on-going cataloging project.  Currently more than six hundred of the photos have been identified and cataloged.  The library has many more to identify and add to the collection.  The library is in the process of adding this collection to the online catalog so that patrons can browse this database from home via the Internet. 

However, the library staff needs your help in completing the cataloging of this collection.  If you have been a long-time resident of Lillington and Harnett County, and know that this talented artist has taken your photo, or your family's photos, come by the library and help us identify you!  We have many graduation pictures, class group pictures as well as individuals that need to be identified.  Let us know if you want to help.

Talbott McNeill Stewart was The Daily Record's first photographer and Harnett's first full time press photographer. He pioneered the field in this county.

He died Saturday, July 17,1982 at Wake Memorial Hospital in Raleigh after several years of poor health. He had been in and out of the hospital several times.

A member of a well-known Harnett family, Mr. Stewart was a native of Harnett, son of the late Lewis F. and Jane McNeill Stewart.

Mr. Stewart had been a professional photographer for years, taking pictures throughout Harnett County. He made wedding pictures and school pictures, and all school sports events and anything else of interest in the county. When the Daily Record was established in 1950, he became the paper's first photographer. He headed the newspaper's photographic department until his retirement.

For many years, he was a familiar figure throughout Harnett as he covered all the important events for the Record.

In addition to being a crack photographer, Talbott was a man of many talents and hobbies. He loved to dance, fly airplanes and loved people. Never met a stranger either. Among other things, he was a good machinist, a promoter and avid fisherman. 

Talbott was an honorary member of the Dunn Moose Lodge and a member of the Lillington Baptist Church. 

Talbott was married to the late Laura Ellen Sloan of Sanford; he has one son, Cyrus Franklin Stewart of Lillington, (deceased in 2000) and a daughter, LaFay Stewart Pickard of Sanford.  (submitted by LaFay Stewart Pickard from her father's obituary in the Dunn Daily Record.)

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