Halloween Carnival


We hope everyone enjoyed the carnival as much as we did.


Storytime at the library is always a magical place.

Miss Angela really loves her job.

More beauties at the library.

Smile! Look Barkley is smiling too.

Whoops, Barkley what happened to your hair?

All the little kiddies waiting.

That's it, help hold his hair on.


I just love books.

Look at the camera now.

Slip sliding away.

Barkley, what are you looking at up there?

Big hugs.

Super big hugs.


Don't know about you but I am ready.

Such a good hug.

A Gladiator and Strawberry Shortcake start off the night.

Family fun at the library; a group of regulars coming in to celebrate.

Just gotta love the little ones.

More family fun.

Thank goodness for good neighbors who volunteer.


What's in your basket?

Wonder who is behind the mask? Spaceman are you gonna give us a hint?

Love those big eyes.

Super Girl!

I'm scared.

Big green and covered in muscles! But who are you?

But where is your costume?

It was a princess and space man kinda night.

You look familiar.

Purple is your color.

A lovely princess escorted by Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow himself.

Doctor on site, just in case.

A vet her as well.

A future Fire Marshal.

Here to see Nana and Papa.

I bet your name is Aaron.

Great Group Shot; one for the scrap books.

I love what you did with your hair.

Did you notice the lack of crows in the building?

Mom loves her scarecrow.

Jack Sparrow with weapons at the ready.

Green velvet is you girl.

Way too pretty to be a vampire.

We are so lucky to have such pretty girls in the library.

Looks like our luck just ran out.

Bob the Builder looking for something to build.

He is making sure everyone is on task.

Tinker Bell with a firemans hat, did she put herself out?


Look at them muscles.

How pretty. Reminder to drive save after the prom.

Such a pretty smile.

Start them out young at the library.

Sponge Bob.

Scrapbook material here; they are so pretty.

WOW! look at all the hair.

This is your color, brings out your sparkle.

She is not too sure about the stranger with a camera.

Who is behind the mask.


How Pretty.

Scooby Doo, where are you?

The blue lipstick just makes the costume.

It is all possible thanks to our volunteers.

Susan, just what do you paint on a space man's face?

More volunteers hard at work.

And she gave up her Saturday night to help us.

Still here after 15 years of helping.

Anyone need a PI?

Little Bo Peep where are your sheep?

This is the prettiest storm trooper I ever saw.

WOW! you have big musles.

Yikes! we have pirates.

Lady Bugs help out. Thanks.

Little Bo Peep found her sheep.

Strawberry Shortcake.

You never know when you need a warriar.

And Mom here to keep them in line.

Pretty kitty.

Super Girl.

Such a pretty witch.

Little Angel.

Devilish good time.

Volunteers are the heart of the library.

You can always depend on family to help out.

Go fish. He looks a little tall for a 12 year old.

Who is behind the curtain?

Don't volunteering look fun?

Volunteering makes you happy. Thanks for the help.

Some volunteers keep coming back; see it is fun.

Lady Bug, Lady Bug where do you live? At the library.

Balloon animals are a big hit. Thank you Steve.

Is it a meow or a roar?


Look at the pretty smiles.

All smiles for the kids.

This sure is a good lolly pop.


Sword up and ready for battle.

Family fun.

Defender of the library.

The butterfly matches the dress.

100% love.

Sleeping Beauty is away and smiling.

Princess of the library.

We have a Queen with a cape, crown and all.

Get close now and smile!

The last butterfly of the summer.

Batman, you look so serious.

And a lion just walked in the door.

He looks ready for a pumpkin fire.

Girls will be girls.

We are thankful for our volunteers.

Mom to the rescue.

Jack Sparrow holding himself hostage.

Smallest participant.

Older sibling of the smallest participant. The kinda resimble.

Where are you on March 2?

Love the purple feathers.

Who is behind this door?

Looks like they have energy to burn.


I'm awake, really.

Straight from New Orleans.

Fireman are alwasy ready.

Mermaid out of water.


We just love our volunteers.

A princess with her personal body guard, Super Girl.

Ready for Halloween Storytime @ the library.

Pirates are fast, always get a pix of there back

hummmm not real sure

Raggedy Ann before color

Miss Angela is such a happy person.

Just a waiting!

Ummm Ummm Good

WOW -look at all the candy.

Do you have more crackers than me?


The library is so fun.

We are ready for the show.

Super Girl!

I caught a big one and needed a little help.

Such a pretty costume.


See how it sparkles.

Filler 'em up.

Off with the loot.

Where is the cowboy?

Still waiting.

Wanted one lost Pirate.

1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 9 - I got lots of goodies.

This is where the music comes from.

And this is who is playing the music.

Along with some friends.

They were quiet and still for such a long time.

A cuddly teddy bear was here today.

Miss Angela is always ready with a story.

There is a smile in there somewhere.

Whoops you were not fast enough.

Trade you a duck for some candy.

She really is awake.

Beleive it or not that thing is made with real horse hair.

So pretty.

And the beat goes on.


and more smiles

Here comes Barkley.

Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann.

Is he smiling?

Best friends.

Can you guess who is in there?

And the beat goes on.

Best seat in the house.

Still waiting.

Wow they are good.

This is so interesting.

How do you get your hair so shinny?

Captain Hook.


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