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Adams, Joel Ray

The Voices of Yesteryear, 1969

More Voices of Yesteryear, 1993


Gregory, Ruth  Summerlin

           More Voices of Yesteryear, 1993

            The Voices of Yesteryear, 1969


Matthews, Linwood  Alford

            More Voices of Yesteryear, 1993

            The Voices of Yesteryear, 1969


Pleasant, Betty Coats

            More Voices of Yesteryear. 1993

            The Voices of Yesteryear. 1969


Miller, George  W.

            TBD, 1870

Buies Creek

Barnes & Noble @ Campbell University.  A special thanks to Nick McKay, store manager and HarryEtta Thomas


Brodin, Eric.

Policies In Review 1998: 52 Essays On Domestic and Foreign Affairs. 1998 to present

Travels with Eric: 60 Travel Articles. 1998 to present


Edgerton, Clyde. 

            Raney, 1985


Freeman, William H.

Coaching Track and Field

Physical Education in a Changing Society

The Competitive Runner's Training Book

Peak When It Counts: Periodization for American Track and Field

Faith for Our Time: A Year of Daily Devotionals, by Tom M. Freeman. (compiler & editor)

Funderburk, David B.

If The Blind Lead the Blind: The Scandal Regarding the Misteaching of Communism in   American Universities, 1978

Politica Marii Britanii fata de Romania, 1938-1940: Studiu Asupra Strategiei Economice si Politice, 1983

Pinstripes and Reds: An American Ambassador Caught Between the State Department and the Romanian Communists, 1981-85. 1987

Gold, Erma Green

Let's Go to A Steel Mill, 1961


Green, Paul

Photographic biography by his daughter Betsy G. Moyer

Trifles of Thought, 1918

The Lord's Will and Other Carolina Plays, 1925

Lonesome Road: Six Plays for the Negro Theatre, 1926

The Field God and In Abraham's Bosom, 1927

Wide Fields, 1928

In The Valley and Other Carolina Plays, 1928

The House of Connelly and Other Plays, 1931

The Laughing Pioneer, 1932

Shroud My Body Down, 1935

This Body the Earth, 1935

Roll Sweet Chariot: A Symphonic Play of the Negro People, 1935

Johnny Johnson: The Biography of a Common Man, 1937

The Lost Colony: An Outdoor Play in Two Acts, 1937

The Lost Colony Song-Book, 1938

Out of the South: The Life of a People in Dramatic Form, 1939.

The Enchanted Maze: The Story of a Modern Student in a Dramatic Form, 1940.

The Highland Call: A Symphonic Drama of American History with Music, Song, Commentary and  Dance, 1941.

The Highland Call Song-Book, 1941.

Native Son: The Biography of a Young American, 1941.

The Hawthorn Tree: Some Papers and Letters on Life and the Theatre, 1943

Forever Growing: Some Notes on a Credo for Teachers, 1945.

Salvation on a String and Other Tales of the South, 1946.

Song in the Wilderness: Cantata for Chorus and Orchestra, with Baritone Solo, 1947.

The Common Glory: A Symphonic Drama of American History, 1948.

Dog on the Sun, 1949.

Ibsen's Peer Gynt: American Version, 1951.

The Common Glory Song-Book, 1951.

Dramatic Heritage, 1953.

Wilderness Road: A Parable For Modern Times, 1956.

The Founders: A Symphonic Outdoor Drama, 1957.

Drama and the Weather: Some Notes and Papers on Life and the Theatre, 1958.

The Confederacy: A Symphonic Outdoor drama Based on the Life of General Robert E. Lee, 1959.

Wings for to Fly: Three Plays of Negro Life, 1959.

The Stephen Foster Story: A Symphonic Drama Based on the Life and Music of the Composer, 1960.

Plough and Furrow: Some Essays and Papers on Life and the Theatre, 1963.

Five Plays of the South, 1963.

Cross and Sword; A Symphonic Drama of the Spanish Settlement of Florida, 1966.

Texas Song-Book, 1967.

Texas: A Symphonic Outdoor Drama of American Life, 1967.

Words and Ways: Stories and Incidents from My Cape Fear Valley Folklore Collection, .

Home to My Valley, 1970.

The Honeycomb, 1972.

Trumpet in the Land: A Symphonic Drama of Peace and Brotherhood, 1972.

The Land of Nod and Other Stories,1976.

The Lone Star: A Symphonic Drama of the Texas Struggle for Independence, 1986.

Paul Green's Wordbook: An Alphabet of Reminiscence, 1990.

Kivette, Everett  McNeill

            The McNeill's Ferry Chronicle and Campbell University. 1983


McDaniel, Eugene  B. Captain  USN

Scars & Stripes: The True Story of One Man's Courage in Facing Death as a Vietnam POW. 1975


Pearce, J.  Winston

Campbell College: Big Miracle at Little Buies Creek (1887-1974). 1976

Ten Good Things I Know About Retirement. 1982


Raisig, Paul J. Jr.

         Letters from a Distant War: Vietnam from a Soldierís Perspective


Sellers, Martin P.

The History and Politics of Private Prisons: A Comparative Analysis. 1993


Singleton, Wade


Skaggs, Marvin Lucian, Ph.D.

North Carolina Boundary Disputes Involving Her Southern Line, 1941


Small, Lonnie D.

From My Heart: Poems Serious and Frivolous. 1982   


Slusser, Jan

Smokey and the big snow.  2003.  


Smith, Doris Dunn, Ph.D.

           A Daughter's return to her roots


Smith, Michael R

                FeatureWriting.Net. Bloomington, IN.: Epistelogic. (2005)

                The Jesus newspaper. Lanham, Md: University Press of America. (2002)

                Yesterday's Waynesboro, A pictorial history. Shippensburg, Pa: The News-Chronicle Co. (1994)

    Worship in Franklin County: Sketches of faith from the mid-1700s  to the Civil War,

                Shippensburg, Pa: University Press. (1991)


Sweeney, Vincent



Taylor, Joshua D.

             MMMUSINGS, 1998.



Todd, Sue

        Never too old to climb walls


Tuck, William P.

A Mosaic of Memories of Campbell University, 1887-1987

Mosaic of Memories of Leslie Hartwell Campbell, 1891-1970

For the Love of Learning: Twenty-Five Years of Phi Kappa Phi at Campbell University, 1975-2000



Byrd, Joanne

           Musings (several entries in each volume)



Adams, Becky

            Coats Heritage Book


Butler, Lynda

        Coats Heritage Book


Faulkner, Ronnie W. Ph.D.

Jesse Helms and the Legacy of Nathaniel Macon, 1998.


Sorrell, Gayle Johnson

           Coats Heritage Book

Moore, Anne  Tucker

            Where He Leads ... A Biography of George Washington Greene Southern Baptist Missionary to                       Canton, China 1891-1911. 1997


Sorrell, Gayle Johnson

            Coats Heritage Book


Stephenson, Shelby


            Middle Creek Poems

            Carolina Shout!

            Finchís Mash

            The Persimmon Tree Carol

            Poor People

            Greatest Hits




Autry, Jerry

General William C. Lee Father of the Airborne, 1995.


Best, Lee James  Jr.

God and Fallacy in the Theory of Evolution


Green, Herman  P.

A History of First Baptist Church, Dunn, North Carolina, 1981.

            A History of Dunn, N.C., 1985.

McKethan, Joanna Allred

    Paint this empty canvas

    Poems included in The Crucible, Pembroke Magazine and others



Hairr, John  E.

Images of America: Harnett County. 1998

CSS Chicamauga: the South's Forgotten Cruiser. 1997

A History of Carthage 1796-1996. 1996

Bizarre Tales of the Cape Fear. Ghost Towns on the Upper Cape Fear. 1996

From Mermaid's Point to Raccoon Falls: A Guide to the Upper Cape Fear River. 1996

Harnett County, 2000.

Harnett County, Arcadia, 2002


Powell, Joey

Ghost Towns on the Upper Cape Fear. 1996


Rock, Colie Edwin

Beyond The East Gate: A History of First Baptist Church, Erwin, North Carolina, 1903-1983. 1984



Brumfield, Darrell G.

The Memoirs of Colonel (Retired) Darrell G. Brumfield, 1996.


Barfield, Beatrice  B.

Chasing Rainbows, 1996


Fowler, Malcolm

They Passed This Way: A Personal Narrative of Harnett County History, 1955.

Valley of the Scots: A History of the First Scottish Settlers in North Carolina, 1986.


Grill, Franklin C.

Methodism in the Upper Cape Fear Valley, 1966


Henschel, George

            Bridge Over Yesterday: Including Kinderschpiel and Other Poems. 1976


Jernigan, Brenda  K.

The Dukes Lady.

The Wicked lady

Love only once

Christmas in Camelot, 2002

Until September, 2003


Matthews, Hugh A., M.D.

Neil's Way: a Story of Home and a Home.  1978


Morgan, Robert B., The Honorable

Where I Stand: An Account of Major Issues 1975-1979. 1980


Ross, Sue Fields, Ph.D.

            Lillington : the centennial sketch book


Spence, James R.

Portrait of a Place and Time: Recollections of a Farmer's Son. 1991

The Making of a Governor: The Moore-Preyer-Lake Primaries of 1964. 1968


Vaughn, Jennifer

   MMMUSINGS, 1998.



Weatherford, Bonnie Clark

Lucianís Angel

Cherokee Lightning


Williford, Eileen


   MMMUSINGS, 1998.



Western Harnett

Cocolin, Theresa


   MMMUSINGS, 1998.




Various locations

Belk, Vickie

    How we Overcame Autism


Bergman-Althouse, Linda

    Save them All


Berry, Diane

    Short stories in:  Wordworks, Deadly Plots, Candle in the Attic, Short and Sinister

    Port City Pirates


Booher, Tom

    The Oerken Leaves.


Gillette, Ellen

    Baaad sheep : when God's people let you down


Heritage Book Committee

The Heritage of Harnett County, 1993


Hopkins, Lila

       Eating Crow

       Talking Turkey


Johnson, Lillian Renee

    In each other's dreams


Knowles, J. C.


Kutscheid, Gloria

    More than trees


MacKenzie, James Donald Rev. (Robbins, Moore County)

Colorful Heritage: An Informal History of barbecue Presbyterian Church and Bluff Presbyterian Church. 1969


McLean, Matthew

    Lucked up, freed, busted

    Shame in a Small Town


McNamara, John


Martin, Carl J.

    Turning points

    More than meets the eye: gospel illusions



Oates, John A. (Fayetteville)

The Story of Fayetteville and the Upper Cape Fear. 1950


Page, Bill G.

    Making Money Work : a Christian guide for personal finance


Page, Hubbard Fulton

            Smith's Ferry

Lyrics and Legends of the Cape Fear County. 1932     


Parker, Philip

    My mouth fell out



Parker, Roy, Jr.  (Fayetteville)

            Cumberland County: A Brief History. 1990


Patterson, William Benton

            From the Isle of Skye to the Isle of Maui: A Doctor's Personal Story Including Plantation                                 Medicine and the Cause of High Blood Pressure. 1991.

            Neill Shaw Stewart, Esq.: A Biographical Study 1820-1889, Averasboro, N.C. 1983


Stephenson, Shelby



            Middle Creek Poems

            Carolina Shout!

            Finchís Mash

            The Persimmon Tree Carol

            Poor People

            Greatest Hits



Weaver, John

    Inside Afghanistan : the American who stayed behind after 9/11 and his mission of mercy to a war-torn people


Wise Reader Writer's Group (Various locations)


             MMMUSINGS, 1998.