October 26, B002

    The doors of the Haunted Library opened at 6:00 p.m. Barbara the Very Good Very Bad Witch, Melanie Pumpkin-Woman, and Curt the Mean Teacher greeted the carnival crowd at the door with trick-or-treat bags  (courtesy of the Local Food Lion Stores and Barbara and Marianne who asked for them) and tickets to the carnival games.

A Future as a Wal-Mart Greeter?  NOT!  She only made a few little ones cry. Who would have thought to dress as an off-duty teacher ?  What? No tie? How scary is that?

It had been a long day for Pumpkin-Woman as she waited for Midnight.  She was hoping to be turned into a Coach...or perhaps a Buick Electra.


Trick or Treat Street was created by Jackie and George Frye.  They along with some helpers put the Houses up in record time!   

The residents on the Spooky Street included Ralph and Hilda Dennis at 101 N. Trickortreet St. 

HollyAnn Rogerswitch resided next door. 

 Just down the street was Mean Ol' Paul Dempster, who made the kids work for their candy.  

ANd  the end of the block was Mr. Ben.  He, too, was stingy with his goodies...well, ok, not so stingy.  

    The Harnett Central High School Drama Club was in charge of the Haunted Library.   We just stood back out of the way and it was good.  They made twelve kids cry and thirteen ran away without their treats. 

  Some of us would rather be someplace else


Hettie Eason, representing the health dept. brought toothbrushes, coloring sheets, id tags, and other health dept. propaganda and she and Laurel did the Pickup Ducks. 

Before the Crowd arrives Cat-Woman Practices her best snarl while Hettie Healthy-Woman flashes a dentyne smile for the photographer.

    At the FIshing Booth Georgelin the Magician handed Excalibur (the fishing pole) to the unsuspecting young gamesters.  Each and every time it was cast upon the waters, a prize was won!  

Poor Medieval Marianne's bottom is probably sore today from sitting on the carpet-covered cement floor for 2 hrs.  "Ouch!"
Georgelyn The Magician explains the fine art of casting to two novice fishermen? Fisherboxes? Fisherfiends?

    It seems that Karen and Allison Hobbs  were made for Carnival Work!

Allison and Brittany (a friend of Ghoulish  Dempster) handled the Ring toss.  

Note: Karen in the background ready for her first customer.

Gusty is taking aim.

     Karen single-handedly worked the Bean-Bag Toss game.  


    Susan and her friend Josh, the Rollerman, did the bowling alley. 


Madame Cornelia read palms again, and was a definite hit.  She is so insightful...

" like to argue with your sister..."  "How did you know?"  Really.

And Candace made the carnival all happen with her new photography talents!  Of course you can't see her...she's behind the camera!

     The carnival was a tremendous success. And a good time was had by most of us. (except for the ones who cried and ran screaming from the Haunted Library!

Every Duck's a Winner You can do it, Princess.  I know you can.


P.S.  Everyone who was here last year agreed that it was even more well-attended this year.   The door counter registered 632 from 1:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and even if  we subtract 100 for those of us who ran in and out after 1:00  p.m. it would still be a lot, and then the counter doesn't count held-babies and people who came in two abreast...