Harnett TechForce

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What Is e-NC?

e-NC is the grassroots initiative to link all North Carolinians - especially those in rural areas - to the Internet.

Harnett TechForce volunteers are available to assist the public with computer questions and to give classes at the Harnett County Public Library. To find out more call 910-893-3446.

TechForce is in the building

Look for the sign hanging on the door as you enter the library. The sign is there to let you know when TechForce is in the building ready to help you with your computer questions. TechForce team members can be identified by the blue shirt with e-NC logo.

TechForce also offers one-on-one computer training. One-on-One does not replace formal classroom training. If you would like someone to call and schedule training, fill out and return the form to the Harnett County Public Library.

TechForce One-on-One Request

Harnett TechForce is a group of high school and college students who volunteer to help others with computer issues.

If you would like a TechForce volunteer to contact you about one-on-one help stop by the library and pickup an One-on-one form today.

 TechForce cannot help you with computer repairs but they can help with instructions on how to use the computer or the Internet. Examples of things TechForce can help with; using the Internet, setting up and using email, using word processing to write a paper, term paper or letter, and other basic computer applications.


TechForce Team

The TechForce team is a group of high school and college students who volunteer to help in the library.  The team members assist the public with their computer needs as well as assist the library technical staff with computer related issues.  The primary purpose of TechForce is to work as lab assistants in the public library.  The Main library located in Lillington has 23 public assess computers.  Having TechForce available is very helpful at nights and weekends when the library has limited staff available.   

The students not only learn some very good hands-on experience and customer relations but they also earn points towards scholarship money.  If you are interested in joining the TechForce team contact Jackie Frye, TechForce coordinator.

How to join the TechForce Team  Print this application and bring it to the library!

For more information on the Harnett TechForce and their activities,

call (910) 893-3446 .

For more information on e-NC or TechForce checkout this web page



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