Lillington High School


July 4 and 5, 2003 - Lillington, NC

Schedule  --  Food  --  Parking


Friday, July 4th, 2003:

 10:00 3:00        Registration at the front of Lillington School
                              Festival in the Park with Fireworks Spectacular
                               Gates open at 3:00 music starts at 4:00

Saturday, July 5th, 2003:

 9:30                    Dedication of Centennial Clock at town hall on                                 Front Street

 10:00                  Balloon launch and start of parade

Parade route down Front Street to stoplight and right down Main Street to James Street and right to Lillington School        

11:30                     Start serving dinner

                        12:00 1:00        Registration at the front of Lillington School

2:00 - 6:00          All-classes reunion on Bradley Field with music
                              and other activities

3:00                    Official welcome and Parade of Teachers

7:00                    Cavalier Revue (variety show in the Lillington
                             School auditorium)

The tickets for the variety show sold out March 19.  Because of continuing requests, we will be providing a video/audio feed of the show to the cafeteria.  If a C appears next to your ticket number, your order was received after this date, and you have been given tickets for the cafeteria.  If this does not meet your approval, your ticket money will be refunded at registration. 


 To assist our caterer, on the questionnaire we asked for numbers who would be eating.  Because of the large number received, we have revised our plan of serving two separate meals; instead, we will serve one catered meal at the school.  This serving along with our local restaurants should provide food quickly and conveniently.  Serving will begin at 11:30.  The cost of the meal will be $6.50 and the menu will include: 

  Fried chicken  Barbeque pork
Potatoes    Slaw
Hushpuppies   Iced tea

You will purchase your meal ticket(s) at registration.  Show tickets and books will be in your registration packet.  Registration at the Lillington School will be open at the following times:

             July 4 10:00 to 3:00 

            July 5 8:00 9:00 and 12:00 1:00

 We encourage all who live in Lillington and surrounding areas plus any early arrivers to register on July 4 to reduce the wait for those arriving on July 5.


A shuttle bus will be running throughout the day and after the variety show to take you to and from the following 

Parking locations:

 Lillington School and Annex Parking Lots 11th Street and W. Killegrey

BB&T corner of 9th Street and W. Ivey

Lillington Baptist Church 10th Street and W. Lofton

Lillington Presbyterian Church 8th Street and W. Killegrey

Church of God 12th Street and W. Old Road

Parade Note: 

If you have been contacted to ride in the parade, please report to the BB&T parking lot by 9:00 am.  All performers in the variety show should report to the school auditorium at 2:00 pm for instructions. 

 May this day be one that you will long remember, and your presence at this special occasion will make it a day that we will long remember.

-- Local History Committee, Greater Lillington Centennial Committee