Lillington High School

 Class Roster


This is a list of everyone who graduated with this class. The format is Last Name (Married Name) , First Name Middle / Maiden name, city, and commercial site registered.   All information is provided by members or friends of this class. If an entry is incorrect or missing, please send an E-mail to

This is a "Class Roster," not a "Class Directory." There are a bunch of commercial sites on the Internet that provide a "Class Directory" service, so we're not going to even try to duplicate their services. What we will do, however, is provide a way for you to let your classmates and friends know where you are listed. So if you're listed with PlanetAlumni, Classmates, AlumniNet, GradFinder or any of the other commercial alumni sites, please update your record and let us know which ones. Be sure to include your name, your graduating class, and all of the commercial services with which you've registered).

Class Roster? What about that guy who went to elementary school and two years of high school and then moved to Upper Slobovia? At the bottom of the page is a section called "Would Have But Didn't." If you would have graduated with this class but didn't, send an e-mail to and we'll put your name on the list. Please provide us with all the info the class alumni have showing.

If you're listed with PlanetAlumni, Classmates, AlumniNet, GradFinder or any of the other commercial alumni sites, please let us know which ones.  Update your entry.  Be sure to include your name, your graduating class, and all of the commercial alumni services with which you've registered.

Alberts Page Hamilton Athens Class of 1969 Mascot
Allen Arthur Miller Erwin
Allen Gerald Quinton Lillington
Arnold Frances Fuquay-Varina Class of 1969 Advisor
Arnold Harold Lillington
Avrette Anthony Nathaniel Fayetteville
Ayers Roxanne Raynor Sanford
Bethune Coleene Carringer Lillington HOMECOMING QUEEN, 
Bethune Larry Hooper Lillington
Bradley Michael Glen Fuquay-Varina
Bradley Phillip Joffree Sanford
Brown Gloria Faye Sanford
Byrd William Bryan Angier
Champion Vickie Autry Bunnlevel
Chance Gloria Delores
Chance Mary Irdell
Clayton Elaine Faircloth Lillington
Clegg-Jones Sylvia Yvette Fayetteville
Davis Victor Lillington
Davis Yvonne Inez Lillington
Dawson Betty Hockaday Knightdale
Dockery Thomas Lee
Everette Peggy Joyce
Everhart Joel Lee Yorktown
Gardner Hughie Edison Angier
Gray Robert Alton Raleigh
Green Ronnie Lawerenceville
Green Dossie Leonard
Guyton Hester Deloris
Hales Dorothy Lillington Class of 1969 Advisor
Hall James Albert Whiteville
Hamilton Sandra Stone Lillington
Hendricks Vena Mae Adcock Raleigh
Hicks Ardelia
Hutchins Deborah Christian
Jackson Tucker Franklin Jacksonville
Jacobs Carolyn Joyce CHEERLEADER
Johnson Terry Edward Fuguay-Varina
Johnson Thomasina CHEERLEADER
Johnson George Charlie Lillington
Johnson Bertha Mae
Jones Jerry Madison Angier PRESIDENT
Kimbel Linda Joyce Thomas Fayetteville
Knight Wade Lillington
Kornegay Cynthia Edwards Benson VICE PRESIDENT, CHEERLEADER
Langdon Rupert Coolidge Lillington
Lanier Jerry Junius Lillington
Lawrence Charles Leroy Christianburg
Lee Danny Olvin Lillington
Leonard Dianne Thomas Ashboro
Long Earnest Lillington
Mann Garland Lillington
Marsh Jennifer
Marshburn Deborah Tripp Sanford
Mason Leo Bunnlevel
Matthews Thomas Michael Luray
Matthews Fred Earl Lillington
Matthews John Terrance
Mc Cormick Charles Edward
Mc Laughlin Robert Claude Aberdeen
McCaden Ronald
McCarthy Mona Aiken Longmont TREASURER
McDonald Lynwood Luther Lillington
McDougald Eva Mae Frederick Dunn
McKinnie James Allen
McLaurin Judy Parker Wade
McLean William Henry Lillington
McLean Geraldine Elliott Lillington
McNary Phyllis Salmon Peoria
McNeill Roy Randolph
Meeks Walter Jarrell Lemon Springs
Mickleson Jane Stogsdill Peachree City
Milton Cynthia Sue Thomas Lillington
Parks Minnie Pearl
Paschal John Richard Clayton
Pate James Cleveland Fayetteville
Porter Linda Jean Bent Pine Drive
Powell Rebecca Hyattsville
Prince George Rubin Greensboro
Salmon Virginia McCotter Lillington
Sargent Pansy Champion Lillington
Sercy Celia Broadway
Shaw Marianna Hannon Bunnlevel SECRETARY
Sherman Gwen Tart Lillington
Sikes Charles Van Broadway
Smith Edgar Theodore Lillington
Souders Joey Garner Class of 1969 Mascot
Souders Mike Carolina Beach
Spearman Pearlie Douglas Bunnlevel
Spivey Wanda Lillington
Starling Glen Jennings Lillington
Stephenson Michael Lee Sanford
Stone Johnny Ray Lillington
Street Chipolla Bass Lillington
Surles Earl
Tart Quinn Edward Cary
Tart Rodney Max Lillington
Tart Rupert Angier
Tart Patricia Atkins Spring Hope
Taylor Charles Edward Lillington
Tedder Thomas Lillington
Temple Susan Cannady Apex
Temple Curtis Ray Bunnlevel
Temple Willis David Apex
Thomas Lewis Wayne Lillington
Thomas Gary Ray Buies Creek
Tingen James Larry Lillington
Turlington Randy Kay DECEASED
Turlington Gaynell Darroch Lillington
Wade Terry Lynn Lillington
Walker Alice Elliott Lillington
Walker Doretha Lillington
Wilkins Ralph Gerald Lillington
Wimple Carolyn Blanchard Lillington
Womack Eudora M. Lillington


Would Have But Didn't

These are folks who went to elementary school and/or high school with this class, but didn't graduate with the class: