Lillington High School

 Class Roster


This is a list of everyone who graduated with this class. The format is Last Name (Married Name) , First Name Middle / Maiden name, city, and commercial site registered.   All information is provided by members or friends of this class. If an entry is incorrect or missing, please send an E-mail to

This is a "Class Roster," not a "Class Directory." There are a bunch of commercial sites on the Internet that provide a "Class Directory" service, so we're not going to even try to duplicate their services. What we will do, however, is provide a way for you to let your classmates and friends know where you are listed. So if you're listed with PlanetAlumni, Classmates, AlumniNet, GradFinder or any of the other commercial alumni sites, please update your record and let us know which ones. Be sure to include your name, your graduating class, and all of the commercial services with which you've registered).

Class Roster? What about that guy who went to elementary school and two years of high school and then moved to Upper Slobovia? At the bottom of the page is a section called "Would Have But Didn't." If you would have graduated with this class but didn't, send an e-mail to and we'll put your name on the list. Please provide us with all the info the class alumni have showing.

If you're listed with PlanetAlumni, Classmates, AlumniNet, GradFinder or any of the other commercial alumni sites, please let us know which ones.  Update your entry.  Be sure to include your name, your graduating class, and all of the commercial alumni services with which you've registered.

Allen Dorothy Jean Lillington
Barrentine Gloria McNeill Millington CHEERLEADER, 
Bedsole Julius Foster Bunnlevel
Bell Paul Ashley Bunnlevel
Blaylock Hal Green Angier
Brown Frances Davis Raleigh
Brown Thomas David Lillingtoon
Brumbleloe Jane Paschal Fuquay Varina
Buchannan Deborah Black Lillington
Byrd Mary Josephine Birmingham
Campbell Alton Junior Lillington
Campbell Sarah Spears Bunnlevel
Carroll Catherine Elizabeth Smith Lillington
Champion Sherill Lee Lillington
Clelland Donald Jackson
Collins Margaret Louise Byrd Bunnlevel
Connelly Melvia Bontia
Crews Thomas Griffin Manteo
Cummings Sue Pate Lillington
Darroch James Ezra Lillington
Dockery Napoleon Bunnlevel
Dockery Cathy H Bunnlevel
Elliot Addie Evelyn
Elliot Henry Lewis
Everette David Keith Lillington
Everette Mary Eliabeth
Everheart Rex Maylon Clayton
Faucett Kim Coleman Kinston
Faulk Lincoln Paul Morganton
Godwin Randy Lillington
Gunn Walter Lee DECEASED
Hahn Pamela Coleman New Hill
Hardee Vanise Bain Wilson
Harrington John Sherman Lillington
Harrington Ernest Carlester Lillington
Harris Samuel Lee
Hicks Cleta Nell
Hobbs Fred Martin Southern Pines
Hood Robert Sherod Lillington
Hurley Cathy Jane
Jackson Priscilla Spence Lillington
James Beverly Park Cary
Janssen Colleen Williams German Town
Jernigan Teresa McDonald Lillington
Johnson William Ronnie
Johnson Aaron Chelsey Lillington
Jones Sandra Byrd Lillington
Klubcar Ruth McLemore Angier
Lee Donna Bradley Erwin
Mackie Angela Keith Asheboro TREASURER
Marks Thomas
Marsh John Romar Lillington
Matthews Davey Elmo Fuquay Varina
McEachin Ida Mae Bunnlevel
McMillian Jimmy Earl Lillington
McCloud Verlista Guyton Greensboro
McDonald June Bunnlevel
McDonald Martha Kristye Myrtle Beach CHEERLEADER
McKoy Roger Lynn Lillington
McKoy Barbara Turlington Kenansville
McLean Betty Joyce Hubbard Fayetteville
McLean Michael Louise Lillington
McNeil Yvonne Erwin
McNeill Bobby Lewis Bunnlevel
McNeill Brenda Lee
McNeill Marilyn McLeod Lillington
McPhail Neill Lillington
Miller Sid Lillington
Moss Kenneth Allan Lillington
Murchison Genice Lillington
Norris Garland R. Lillington
Page Craven Eldridge
Parker John Edward Lillington
Perez Kathy Phillips Godwin
Phelps Nellie Stone
Raynor Betsy Kathyrn Dunn
Roberts Jack Atlantic Beach
Roberts Daniel Milford Lillington
Salmon Michael Lane Lillington
Schumann Robert Karl Bunnlevel
Scott Linda Gilchristl Lillington
Senter Meredith McLean
Smith Charlie Raeford
Smith Deborah Taylor Lillington PRESIDENT
Raynor Sherry Lynn   Lillington
Souders Arthur Cole Fuquay Varina
Spearman Willie A.
Spears Margaret Ann
Speer Lois Grissela
Stewart Kenneth Eugene Zebulon
Stewart Wanda Gray Turlington Mamers
Stone Steve Allen Lillington
Sturgill Randy Eugene Fayetteville
Surles Diane N.
Tanley Cynthia Whittington Pleasant View
Tart Myles Cramer Lillington VICE PRESIDENT
Thomas Keith Lillington
Todd John Lewis Lillington
Tripp William Henry DECEASED
Wade Betty Sue Mason Erwin
Walker Larry M Lillington
Walker Brenda Faye
Walser Paula Grinnell Lillington
White Robert E. Lexington
Wilcox Elaine Bennett Goldsboro
Wilkins Roy Lee Lillington
Williams Sarah Elizabeth Tucker Lillington
Williams Eugene Bunnlevel
Williams Margaret Lynn McKinney Raleigh SECRETARY, CHEERLEADER
Williford John Kenneth Charlotte
Willis Deborah
Womack Jeanette Bennett Lillington
Worrell Susan Senter Lillington CHEERLEADER


Would Have But Didn't

These are folks who went to elementary school and/or high school with this class, but didn't graduate with the class: