Lillington High School

 Class Roster


This is a list of everyone who graduated with this class. The format is Last Name (Married Name) , First Name Middle / Maiden name, city, and commercial site registered.   All information is provided by members or friends of this class. If an entry is incorrect or missing, please send an E-mail to

This is a "Class Roster," not a "Class Directory." There are a bunch of commercial sites on the Internet that provide a "Class Directory" service, so we're not going to even try to duplicate their services. What we will do, however, is provide a way for you to let your classmates and friends know where you are listed. So if you're listed with PlanetAlumni, Classmates, AlumniNet, GradFinder or any of the other commercial alumni sites, please update your record and let us know which ones. Be sure to include your name, your graduating class, and all of the commercial services with which you've registered).

Class Roster? What about that guy who went to elementary school and two years of high school and then moved to Upper Slobovia? At the bottom of the page is a section called "Would Have But Didn't." If you would have graduated with this class but didn't, send an e-mail to and we'll put your name on the list. Please provide us with all the info the class alumni have showing.

If you're listed with PlanetAlumni, Classmates, AlumniNet, GradFinder or any of the other commercial alumni sites, please let us know which ones.  Update your entry.  Be sure to include your name, your graduating class, and all of the commercial alumni services with which you've registered.

Autry Terry Lane
Avrette Diane Lillington CHEERLEADER
Baker Daphne Elaine
Belch Mollie Sue Roberts Raleigh
Bethune Marsha Simmons Lillington CHEERLEADER
Blackmon Lois Teen
Bolton Patricia Bryant Wendell
Broadwell Mary Kathryn Pate Fuquay Varina
Brown Joy Byrd Lillington
Brown Tony Aubert Lillington
Bullock Gary Sanford
Cameron Phyllis Leavern
Cates Daphine Lillington
Cook Philip Richard
Cox Carolyn Stanley Lillington
Davis Bobby Ray Lillington
Dawson Sharon Bethune Fayetteville
Everette Jeneane Green Westpoint
Graves Dallas Brown Erwin
Gunn Everette Bunnlevel
Guyton Barry Joe Spring Lake
Hall Eric Warren
Hamilton Linda Harvell Lillington
Harris Steve
Hartman Susan Kelly Linden
Hatley Samuel Clyde Lillington
Hobbs Alan Carter Bassette
Honeycutt Teresa Neal Coats
Jackson Rodney Shelton Erwin
Johnson Charles Michael Lillington
Johnson Cynthia Joyce Pinehurst
Jones Joseph Melvin
Keller Pamela Stephenson Daniel Island
Kiggins Georgianna Byrd Vass
Lane Electa Ann Johnson Fuquay Varina
Lanier Eva Mae
Lucas David Oral Lillington
Mason Rebecca Collins Angier
Matthews John Curtis
McDonald Shirley Ann
McDougald Ronnie Devon Erwin
McDougald Neil Martin
McDougald Patricia Ann
McKoy Gloria Moore Pine Bluff CHEERLEADER
McKoy Glenda Louise Lillington
McKoy Dianne
McLean-Galbreath Debra Marsh Lillington
McNeill John William
McNeill Sylvia
Morris Joseph
Norris Teresa Everette Lillington
Norris Linda Diane
O' Quinn Raymond Byrd Lillington
Ockletree Cynthia Patterson Bunnlevel
Ockletree Deborah Elizabeth
Orr Michael Dane Bunnlevel
Peebles Karen O'Quinn Lillington CHEERLEADER
Poe John David Bunnlevel
Porter Steven Yates Charlotte
Rawlings Elsie Ross Spring Lake
Rial Phyllis Ruth
Sims Martin
Sims Marvin
Smith Katherine Elaine
Spears Virginia Lee
Spencer Sarah Ann Lillington
Spicer Brenda Sue
Stephens Joyce Phelps Raleigh
Sturgill Vicki Holland Fayetteville CHEERLEADER, 
Tart Nancy Johnson Lillington
Taylor Sarah Frances
Taylor Sandra Thomas Lillington
Taylor Patsy Faircloth Lillington
Temple Bonnie Jo Byrd Bunnlevel
Thorpe Sharon DECEASED
Todd Kenneth Hill Lillington
Tucker Linda Faye McNeill Lillington
White Mary Helen
Wilder William Anthony Fuquay Varina
Williams Reynauld Merrimon
Womack Edward James Lillington
Womble Jan Stephens Lillington CHEERLEADER
Womble Deborah Johnson Lillington
Womble John Max Lillington


Would Have But Didn't

These are folks who went to elementary school and/or high school with this class, but didn't graduate with the class: