Lillington High School

 Class Roster


This is a list of everyone who graduated with this class. The format is Last Name (Married Name) , First Name Middle / Maiden name, city, and commercial site registered.   All information is provided by members or friends of this class. If an entry is incorrect or missing, please send an E-mail to

This is a "Class Roster," not a "Class Directory." There are a bunch of commercial sites on the Internet that provide a "Class Directory" service, so we're not going to even try to duplicate their services. What we will do, however, is provide a way for you to let your classmates and friends know where you are listed. So if you're listed with PlanetAlumni, Classmates, AlumniNet, GradFinder or any of the other commercial alumni sites, please update your record and let us know which ones. Be sure to include your name, your graduating class, and all of the commercial services with which you've registered).

Class Roster? What about that guy who went to elementary school and two years of high school and then moved to Upper Slobovia? At the bottom of the page is a section called "Would Have But Didn't." If you would have graduated with this class but didn't, send an e-mail to and we'll put your name on the list. Please provide us with all the info the class alumni have showing.

If you're listed with PlanetAlumni, Classmates, AlumniNet, GradFinder or any of the other commercial alumni sites, please let us know which ones.  Update your entry.  Be sure to include your name, your graduating class, and all of the commercial alumni services with which you've registered.

Allen Mardi Lillington
Allen Teresa Lillington
Allen Tracy Lillington
Arnold Connie Mamers
Arnold Roger     DECEASED
Atkins Kenny Lillington
Atkins Monroe DECEASED
Bain Curtis Fuquay Varina
Bass Charmel Lillington DECEASED
Bell Adrienae McLean Lillington
Black Lounette Darroch Fuquay Varina CHEERLEADER
Blalock III David Linden
Byrd Diane Hall Raleigh CHEERLEADER
Byrd Pam Bunnlevel
Cannady Anthony DECEASED
Cannady Teresa DECEASED
Currie Diana
Currin Vicki Ballard Fuquay Varina CHEERLEADER
Davis Judy Lillington
Davis Vernon New Bern
Dawes Vickie Adcock Conway
Freeman Gwen
George Lloyd Lillington
Gregory Bruce Lillington
Harris Donna Woodley Timberlake
Harrison Joyce
Hicks, Sr. Terry Ft. Washington
Holbrook Jimmy Siloam Springs
Holder Teresa Lillington
Hoskins Robin Marks Raleigh
Johnson Mark Fuquay Varina
Johnson Timothy Lillington
Johnson Peggy Jones Angier
Johnson Sylvia Mason Lillingtoon
Jones Rosemary Harden Sanford
Kitchen Harry Lillington
Lewis Mildred Lillington
Mann Chris Leland
McAllister Annette McNeill Lillington
McAllister Paul Lillington
McCauley Jeffery
McDonald Irene West Lillington
McDougald Doris
McDougald Eurice
McDougald Vander
McKoy Terry
McKoy Wayne Apex
McKoy Marva Lillington
McLamb Jon
McLean Gwen Dunn
McLean Wanda Lillington
McLean Sabrina Ash Lillington
McNeill Betty
McNeill William
McRae David Lillington
Meeks Keith Lillington
Moore Charlene Lillington
Morrison Machelle Brown Lillington
Nobles Devon Dunn
Ockletree Myrtle
Oliver Michael Lillington
Patterson Calvern Lillington CHEERLEADER
Patterson Darnese Lillington
Phelps Deborah
Pryor Goldie McDougald Bunnlevel
Purdue Felecia Sims Fairbanks DECEASED
Rawls Marsha Coleman Lillington
Ray Otis Bunnlevel
Sexton Steve Lillington
Sherman Elaine Fayetteville
Sikes Mark Charlotte
Smart Lee
Smith Steve Lillington
Spencer James
Surles Ronnie
Tart Janice Powell Lillington
Taylor Clarence
Thomas Betty Taylor
Thomas Billy Ray
Thomas Teresa Dean Sanford
Tucker Darlene Lillington
Tyre Gladys
Tyre Richard
Walker Richard DECEASED
Walker Cramer Smith Lillington
Werbelow Kathy
West Dianne
West Billy
Wicker Vickie
Wilder Michael
Wiley Gary Lillington
Williams Blanche Linden
Williams Kathy
Williford Stephen Lillington
Womble Freddie Elizabeth City
Wyckoff Donna Barham Lillington


Would Have But Didn't

These are folks who went to elementary school and/or high school with this class, but didn't graduate with the class: