Lillington High School

 Class Roster


This is a list of everyone who graduated with this class. The format is Last Name (Married Name) , First Name Middle / Maiden name, city, and commercial site registered.   All information is provided by members or friends of this class. If an entry is incorrect or missing, please send an E-mail to

This is a "Class Roster," not a "Class Directory." There are a bunch of commercial sites on the Internet that provide a "Class Directory" service, so we're not going to even try to duplicate their services. What we will do, however, is provide a way for you to let your classmates and friends know where you are listed. So if you're listed with PlanetAlumni, Classmates, AlumniNet, GradFinder or any of the other commercial alumni sites, please update your record and let us know which ones. Be sure to include your name, your graduating class, and all of the commercial services with which you've registered).

Class Roster? What about that guy who went to elementary school and two years of high school and then moved to Upper Slobovia? At the bottom of the page is a section called "Would Have But Didn't." If you would have graduated with this class but didn't, send an e-mail to and we'll put your name on the list. Please provide us with all the info the class alumni have showing.

If you're listed with PlanetAlumni, Classmates, AlumniNet, GradFinder or any of the other commercial alumni sites, please let us know which ones.  Update your entry.  Be sure to include your name, your graduating class, and all of the commercial alumni services with which you've registered.

Allen Tom Whispering Pines
Barney Kevin
Bass Sara
Bell James
Bethune Tim Bunnlevel
Blaylock James Lillington
Blaylock Denise
Boggs Jean Gainey Lillington
Bordeaux Susan Freeman Raleigh
Bryant Karen Wicker Broadway
Bryant Rufus Morven
Bullard Robert
Burgess Kathy George
Byrd Johnny Bunnlevel
Byrd Marshall LaGrange
Byrd Sunnie Lillington
Byrd Kathy Webb Bunnlevel
Byrd Annette
Byrd Marty Lillington
Cameron Larry
Cameron Velenzo
Campbell Cleveland Lillington
Campbell Marvin Lillington
Cannady Joe Lillington
Chagnon Ginger Byrd Havre CHEERLEADER
Christy Tonya
Cook Sylvia Lowry Dallas
Corbin Karen McLean Lillington
Crews Elliot Lillington
Cummings Donna McNeil Lillington
Dean Brenda Bailey Lillington
Dean Muriel Kitchen Lillington
Dickens Kathy Johnson Lillington
Elliot Selena Massey Linden
Frye Freddy Fuquay-Varina
Gower Kathy Carroll Dunn
Hall Tammy Lillington
Hall Tammy Harden Youngsville CHEERLEADER
Handy Shelia Clark Fayetteville
Herring David
Holt Marlene Byrd Lillington
Howard Gaye Black Lincolnton
Jackson Ken Winston - Salem
Jernigan Ricky Lillington
Johnson Scott Fuquay Varina
Jolly Bob Valrico
Jones John Woodbridge
Keen Sharri Allen Broadway
Lasater David Smithfield
Matthews Kathy Jenkins Greensboro
Matthews Janet DECEASED
Mc Clean Eloise Lillington
Mc Rae Larue Johnson Llillington
McCallister Robert
McCauley Blaney
McDougald Ethel Mc Neill Raleigh
McKinney Marion
McLaughlin Brenda
McLean Nathaniel
McLean Courtney
McLean Debra
McLean Glenda Yvonne Anaheim
McLean Wayne
McMillian Jimmy
McNeill Lillian
McNeill Vernon
McNeill Nora Southern Pines
McRae Tommie Lillington
Payne Catherine Johnson Llillington
Quinn Emily Terrell Bloomsburg
Randall Patti Lillington
Ray Andray Lillington
Reif Cindy Hawley Lillington
Ridgell Barbara Lillington
Roberson Karen Wilder Lillington CHEERLEADER
Roberts Wally New Bern
Senter David Browns Summit
Senter Deborah Black Browns Summit
Smith Teresa
Spears Gloria DECEASED
Spears Martha
Spears Dorothy Bunnlevel
Spencer Helen Lillington
Starling Darlene Chambers Lillington
Staton Jo Ann
Stout Malcom Fuquay Varina
Strickland Ray Bunnlevel
Surles Mary
Taylor Calvin
Terrell Emily   Southern Shores  
Thomas Lela Treadaway
Thomas Kim Brown Sanford
Thompson Creolla DECEASED
Tucker Kathy
Turlington Dennis Lillington
Waddell Debra
Wade Bobby Fuquay Varina
Walters Diane Gray Raleigh
Wester Jeff Lillington
Whittington Tim Fresno
Wilder Vickie Jo Lillington
Williams Gary Lillington
Williams Dorothy Overby Lillington


Would Have But Didn't

These are folks who went to elementary school and/or high school with this class, but didn't graduate with the class:

Bobby Rial (moved to Tennessee)