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Below you can find all planning related agenda items in Harnett County. All items listed are proposals and/or applications only, and have not been approved. ALL INFORMATION INCLUDED HEREIN IS FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Planning Board September 4, 2018 (Tuesday) Click for Agenda

Proposed Zoning Changes:

PLAN1808-0001:  Landowner/Applicants:  Moses & Melanie Farmer / Par 5 Development Group, LLC; 2.5 +/- acres; Pin # 0518-91-0268.000; From RA-30 to Commercial Zoning District; Intersection of NC Hwy 27 West & SR # 1238 (Springhill Church Road); Upper Little River Township.



Board of Adjustment September 10, 2018 Click for Agenda

BOA1808-0001. Holder, Bobby & Cathy.  A DWMH in an RA-30 Zoning District; Pin # 0527-67-0277.000; 4.40 acres; Upper Little River Township; SR # 1129 (Clark Road).

BOA1808-0002. Johnson, Rhonda C.  A DWMH in an RA-30 Zoning District; Pin # 0613-52-3984.000; .43 acre; Captain's Landing Subdivision; Buckhorn Township; Off SR # 1463 (Natchez Trace on Basin Street).

BOA1808-0003. Lockamy, Ernestine C/O Linberg Crosby / John Pete Lockamy; An Auto Repair Facility in an RA-20R Zoning District; Pin #'s 0586-39-1086.000 & 0586-38-2828.000; 4.0 acres (consisting of two parcels); Stewart's Creek Township; SR # 2021 (Titan Roberts Road).

BOA1808-0004. Weathers, Howard.  An Outdoor Storage Facility in an RA-30 Zoning District; Pin # 0636-02-9092.000; 55.7 acres (using 2.3 acres); Buckhorn Township; SR # 1407 (Wade Stephenson Road).

BOA1808-0005. Turlington, Gary & Sandra.  A Gunsmithing Business in an RA-40 Zoning District; Pin # 0651-72-3630.000; 12.42 acres; Neill's Creek Township; SR # 1436 (Matthews Road).  


Development Review Board- July 11, 2018 Click here for Agenda

Major Subdivision Preliminary - WOODROW CHASE

Major Subdivision Preliminary - CURR-WELL DEVELOPMENTS,LLC PHASES 1-2


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