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Below you can find all planning related agenda items in Harnett County. All items listed are proposals and/or applications only, and have not been approved. ALL INFORMATION INCLUDED HEREIN IS FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Planning Board September 6, 2016 Click for Agenda (Due to Labor Day Holiday Meeting is Tuesday Night)

RZ-16-306. Landowner/Applicant: Hunters Grant, LLC /Benton Dewar, PLS; .06 +/- acres (out of a 262 acre tract);Pin # 0632-56-8360.000; From Conservation to RA-30 Zoning District; Off the Intersection of SR # 1412 (Christian Light Road) & SR 1424 (Jackson Raod); Buckhorn Township.

Proposed Text Amendment: Harnett County Unified Development Ordinance; Article VI (Genreal Development Standards); Section 3.0 (Accessory Sturctures).


Board of Adjustment August 8, 2016 Click for Agenda

BA-CU-14-16. Johnson, David Lewis Jr & Teresa, Jonathan M. & Yvonne Johnson; Dwight & Julie Carson; Dorothy B. Page / Clovelly Solar, LLC. A Solar Farm Facility in an RA-20M & RA-30 Zoning District; Neill's Creek Township; Pin #'s 0660-76-3176.000, 0660-76-3657.000, 0660-76-3960.000. 0660-77-2173.000; Off SR # 1513 (Neill's Creek Road). (Request to table until August 8, 2016 Meeting).

BA-CU-18-16. Smith, Willie & Earl Flynn Sampson / Erma Marsh Williams. A Singlewide Manufactured Home in an RA-30 Zoning District; Uper Little River Township; Pin # 0620-87-0209.000; US Hwy 421 North.

BA-CU-19-16. Sigette, Matthew & Kelsey. Gunsmithing in an RA-20R & Conservation Zoning District; Johnsonville Township; Pin # 9544-27-6272.000; Off SR # 1103 (Cypress Road).

BA-CU-20-16. Baker, Henry & Elizabeth / Cody D Ames. A Storage Facility for Landscaping Company in an RA-30 Zoning District; Buckhorn Township; Pin # 0636-60-6427.000; SR # 1406 (Fletcher Tutor Road).


Development Review Board- June 22, 2016 Click here for Agenda

Major Subdivision Final - ATKINS VILLAGE PHASE III


Commercial Site Plan - ROYAL LANDSCAPING


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