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Below you can find all planning related agenda items in Harnett County. All items listed are proposals and/or applications only, and have not been approved. ALL INFORMATION INCLUDED HEREIN IS FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Planning Board May 7, 2018 Click for Agenda

Proposed Zoning Change:

RZ-18-106: Landowners / Applicant: Michong Davis, Gail Bianco & Ronald Duckworth; 2.17 +/- acres (containing 3 lots); Pin #'s 9584-79-0039, 9584-69-9144, 9584-69-8070; From RA-30 to Commercial Zoning; NC Hwy 24/87; Barbecue Township.

Planning Board Review:

UDO-18-125: Landowner / Applicant: Bryan & Terri Howell, 3.87 +/- acres (2 new lots); Out of Pin # 's 0644-08-6274 & 0644-18-5361.000; Buckhorn Township; SR # 1418 (Oakridge River Road). The applicant is requeting a review of the 3 year rule of the UDO, Article III, Section 8.2.1 (D); which states that the minor subdivision procedure may not be used a second time within three (3) years on any property less than 1,500 feet from the original property boundaries by anyone who owned, had an option on, or held any legal interest in the original subdivision at the time.


Board of Adjustment May 14, 2018 Click for Agenda

BA-CU-05-18. Constant, Justin & Christine. A Gunsmithing Business in an RA-20R Zoning District; Pin # 0505-97-8640.00; .29 acres; Anderson Creek Club Subdivision, Lot 344; Anderson Creek Township; Off SR # 1121 (Ray Road on Whispering Pines Drive).

BA-CU-08-18. Bullard Trailor Sales No. 2 C/O John W. Bullard, Jr. /Faulk & Foster, Agent for Verizon. A Telecommuniation Tower in an RA-20R Zonibg District; Pin # 9565-18-999.000; 115.39 acres; Johnsonville Township; NC Hwy 24-27. (Request to Table to June 11, 2018 meeting).

BA-CU-09-18. Lavell, Ellis & Cynthia Johnson / Faulk & Foster, Agent for Verizon. A Telecommunication Tower in an RA-30 Zoning District; Pin # 0644-24-3903.000; 10.4 acres; Hector's Creek Township; SR # 1412 (Christian Light Road).

BA-CU-11-18. Jack Blalock & Jerry Blalock / Cynthia Campbell. A Singlewide Manufactured Home in an RA-30 Zoning District; Pin # 0600-38-0540.000; 1.84 acres; Upper Little River Township; SR # 1281 (Thomas Farm Road).

BA-CU-12-18. Line Pei & Sung Hui Chun Tic / Laura Dixon. A Singlewide Manufactured Home in an RA-30 Zoning District; Pin # 0630-99-8307.000; .57 acres; Upper Little River Township; Off SR # 1257 (South River Road on Spruce Land).

BA-CU-13-18. Duke Energy Progress, LLC. An Electrical Substation in an RA-20R Zobibg District; Pin # 0575-02-7108.000; 17.83 acres; Stewart's Creek Township; SR # 2027 (Horseshoe Bend Road).

BA-CU-14-18. Patrick & Nancy Lancaster. A Gunsmithing Business in an RA-20R Zoning District; Pin # 9566-71-9349.000; 10.10 acres; Johnsonville Township; Off SR # NC Hwy 27 West (on Oakridge Drive).


Development Review Board- 2017 Click here for Agenda

Major Subdivision Preliminary - RANGERS COVE

Major Subdivision Preliminary - BALLARD WOODS


Major Subdivision Final Plat - ANDERSON CREEK CLUB PHASE 6



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