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The Harnett County Planning Department is pleased to announce that we will be offering surveyors, and individuals alike a new service that will streamline some of our current review processes. Planning has been working with other agencies within the County who also review these plats to try to provide a service that will lessen many of the steps associated with our reviews. As many of you know, for Minor Subdivision approval there are four County agencies that review these plats, Emergency 911 Addressing, Environmental Health, Public Utilities, Planning Services and NCDOT. Under the new process, instead of visiting all four departments for approval you can submit your project Packet with Planning Services and await comments or approval. If you would like to have NCDOT approve digitally we can now do that as well (Please allow extra time for NCDOT approval).

What are the advantages to this process?

  • One County Stamp instead of the five that are required now, this leaves more room for mapping info
  • Less time and travel involved in getting your map processed, one stop versus four
  • The ability to track the progress of your map via the Click2gov website with your HTE number
  • Instant access to review comments from all County Departments, this allows you to turn your product around quicker, or if you are an individual you will be able to get your project started sooner

How does it work?

Simply submit projects either by hand, or electronically to, they will be processed by a planning tech, assigned an HTE number, and submitted to all other applicable departments. Shortly there after you will be notified and given an HTE tacking number so you the customer have immediate access to each approval during this process. When all new projects are submitted to the appropriate departments, the applicant will receive an HTE number that can be used to reference the status of your project at any time via the County's Click2gov website

What do I bring/submit?

  • A cover sheet explaining what the survey is for (Minor or Exempt Plat), name of developer, date submitted, and up to date contact info for the engineer and landowner.
  • If applicable then you will need to submit the soils report at this time.
  • There must be a signed affidavit authorizing the surveyor to do work from all parties involved for Ownership and Dedication if the surveyor would like to sign as agent
  • If there there is to be an improved easement then the maintenance agreement must be included and signed

What happens after County approval?

  • The Final Plat is printed on a recordable Mylar with appropriate surveyor certifications and the landowner's signature.
  • The langauge for the Minor Subdivision Stamp is as follows : Stamp
  • Approval from NCDOT if applicable.
  • All necessary fees which will be determined upon receipt of your comments.
  • When final approval is granted, the Plat will be released and can then be recorded.


  • After this process is instated, none of the other departments will be available to sign Plats individually
  • If you would like the County to aquire NCDOT's signature, please allow extra time when submitting your project
  • No departments individual review period will abbreviated with the new procedure

This is a new process so there may be some questions along the way. If you are having trouble viewing or accessing certain information, please contact the Planning Department so we can work toward resolving your issue.

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